A Surge of Mask Removals


The still small voice….

“The enemy is trying to USURP in every arena, all that he can gobble up.

He is the prince of the air, so he is on the airwaves trying to use mind control and entertainment to numb people, and to cause sleep and slumber to what is really going on.

Violence escalates in programming of the media, yet also in all of this I AM having an influence as well.

I tell you, PRAY for those in the media.  Pray to expose the lies, to uncover the truth, and that their hearts would be convicted, and that they would have revelation of the real JESUS.

For I tell you I WILL turn hearts in this nation and every nation!

This is not a time for discouragement and apathy, and hopelessness!  The enemy is trying to wear you down, but I tell you I AM AT HAND!

Cry out to ME, for I care FOR you.  I have not called you to strife and fears.

DECLARE MY WORD in every situation that concerns you!  I AM still on the throne!

I WILL destroy the entrenchment of the enemy in nations, as judgments are poured out!  PEOPLE WILL hear!

PEOPLE WILL LISTEN IF YOU SPEAK TRUTH!!!  But you MUST OPEN YOUR MOUTH and TESTIFY from your heart, of My goodness and grace, My power and might!

Do NOT hide your lamp under a basket in this hour, or you will be tormented!  Does that sound strange to you?

If someone is terrifying your child, let’s say threatening them, to hurt them – How does that make you feel?

Would you as a good father or mother be apathetic, and brush it off?

Wouldn’t you do anything to protect them?

The enemy knows if you are intimidated.  Gideon’s men got whittled down to 300 from thousands because of FEAR and worldliness.

DO NOT give in to the lies of the enemy that I have disqualified you, or that you are too old, too lame, too broken to be used!

I AM the RESOURCE of all you need, for what I call you to!

I AM ABLE TO PROTECT you if you will only put ALL your trust in ME.  Many of you have waited so long for this hour to come, and been worn out,  But I WILL resuscitate My BRIDE.

Many have grown weary, to the point of not believing anymore that I will come, and that I will perform My peculiar work in this hour.

I tell you RAISE YOUR EXPECTATIONS!  If you can’t walk with the footmen, how will you run with the horses?

“If you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied you, then how can you contend with horses?  And if in the land of peace, In which you trusted, they wearied you, then how will you do in the floodplain* of the Jordan?  For even your brothers, the house of your father, even they have dealt treacherously with you;  Yes, they have called a multitude after you.  Do not believe them, even though they speak smooth words to you,”   Jeremiah 12:5-6 NKJV.

Many of those who have surmounted all odds are tired and worn out.  But I tell you when I come to restore apostolic power, there will be a shaking and many will be restored who thought there was no hope for them left!

I AM NOT passing by anyone whom I intend to use.  And believe ME, when I say that everyone has purpose!

Everyone has a heart that will hold someone else, if only one.  There are life-rafts for ALL who will come to me.

I have given you LIFE that you may share it with those who don’t know.

It is time to get out of your comfort zones, and you will see AMAZING and STARTLING miracles now, because I AM coming like a mighty rushing WIND and I WILL RESTORE MY KINGDOM, for MY KINGDOM NEVER ENDS!

I will fight alongside My BRIDE, and you will be GLORIOUS.  So REST in ME!  Know that I AM with you performing all that is needed.

I love you daughters of ZION!  I will have MY WAY in you, and I WILL RESTORE all that the locusts have eaten. I WILL, I WILL, I WILL!

In the church that is called by My name, I WILL REMOVE THE MASKS

I will remove all PRETENSE, and all will be made MANIFEST as I pour out MY SPIRIT on the dry bones of MY CHURCH!

I will tear down every opposition over your children.  I will bring them to their senses, and I will magnify My glory in them, as never been seen before.

So hold on for the ride of your life, for it will be amazing!  Skepticism, Doubt and UNBELIEF have run rampant, but I AM the GREAT PHYSICIAN, and I AM arising with healing in My wings, and they will KNOW that I AM GOD!

I am also removing masks off those in the world who have tried to hide their wickedness.

I will continue to expose all that is hidden.  Kings will come to your rising!

Arise and shine for your Light has come, and the glory of the LORD will be seen on you!

Furtiveness is not yours.  It is a work of the enemy!”

Secrecy (also called clandestinity or furtiveness) is the practice of hiding information from certain individuals or groups, perhaps while sharing it with other individuals.  That which is kept hidden is known as the secret.
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furtiveness ©
1. Characterized by stealth; surreptitious.
2. Expressive of hidden motives or purposes; shifty.

“I call My own to be open about their lives, to have pure hearts.  Not to be white washed or secretive in an evil manner.

I AM releasing My wild horses that have been tamed by rejection, loneliness, persecutions, and afflictions.

They have been held back at the gates. But now the DOORS of the GATES will swing open wide!

For I Your LORD, have need of you in this hour to demonstrate MY POWER, and MY RIGHTEOUSNESS, and MY COMPASSION!

But I have called you to have compassion on whom I WILL HAVE COMPASSION FOR.

When I ask you to withhold mercy, I want you to obey ME!  For I KNOW the hearts of men when you don’t.

You may THINK you do, but you better consult ME in this hour.  I have been pounding out all the sin in My own, that they could be trusted with the power I AM about to pour out.

You can NOT be like my disciples who wanted to rain down FIRE from heaven without having MY HEART and MY MIND.  So I will do a startling work in this hour to bring My own to RIGHT STANDING in ME.

I WILL manifest My glory so don’t let defeatism, self pity and depression to get an inroad into your thinking.

There is nothing that I can’t do!  There is nothing that can oppose My will for you !

I AM God, am I not?

Surely you and the whole world will know My Name when I AM done!

Draw close beloveds for I AM at hand!”


~ Priscilla

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