A Testimony and Praise Report!


A Testimony and Praise Report…
My son went to jail, but God used him!

“The devil had a plot, but God had a plan”


For the past month or so the enemy has been wreaking havoc and confusion, not only in my personal life, but others have messaged me of their own personal ordeals.

A few weeks ago, my son got into an unfortunate situation which caused him to be arrested without bail and to go jail for a few weeks.  Now mind you, when it first happened, I was at work and I got a call from my daughter.  Initially I didn’t panic, but instead I started praying.  When I got home, I didn’t go to the courthouse, instead I came home, anointed my head with oil, wrapped myself up in my prayer shawl and knelt down at the altar in my room.

I did this because I wanted to consult with The Lord first, to understand what was going on, because I know that whatever happens in the lives of God’s people, He already sees and knows and has a purpose – so therefore, the devil gets no glory from the situation.

After about minute or less of me being on my knees in prayer and consulting God, God spoke into my spirit and said, to me “I allowed him to be arrested because the enemy wants to kill him.”   In other words, satan had a plot for destruction, but God had a plan for purpose!

My God, my God, so then I began to praise and thank God for arresting my son and sparing his life.  I told my husband what God had spoken, and we both praised God and gave him the glory.  Also, God allowed him not to have a bail-bond, so that we could not get him out of God’s hand and therefore God had him just where He wanted him.

Every since he was a child, it has been prophesied to him that God has a strong anointing on his life and that He is going to use him in ministry.  He also is a prophetic person who has very intense dreams and visions with strong prophetic meaning and insight and is very skilled in God’s word.  Each night we would talk with him, he would say, “Mom and Dad, I am OK!” and so as the days passed, I noticed that he was talking with other young men, young black men, young white men and young hispanic men who were also there with him.  One of the young men with whom I spoke to on the phone said, “Your son has started a prayer group and a bible study with us, and we pray and study the Bible each night,” and he told his mother about the prayer and study group and in turn, his mother spoke with me on the phone and said, “I thank God for putting your son in my son’s life.”

In other words, through my son being locked up, her son got introduced to Christ!  So all in all, by being arrested, my son planted seeds in this young man’s life and the lives of the other young men.

So you see, we can run from God, but God will eventually put us in a place where he will get our attention and we will have to listen to him.

All in all, we give God the praise and all the while the enemy was thinking we were sad and discouraged!  We praised God because we knew God was keeping and sparing our son from the hand of destruction.

Finally his court date came and he went to court and we told him to trust God, that God can turn king’s hearts (Psalm 21:1).  And when he stood before the judge, the whole atmosphere in the courtroom shifted and changed.  God gave him so much favor in the courtroom that he was given a bond and we brought him home the same day.

Now who wouldn’t serve and trust a God like our God!

He is so awesome!

Not only were we praying, but other friends and prayer warriors from different states and countries who were led by God and asked to pray with us.  The devil is defeated and our God gets all of the Glory, the Honor, and the Praise, for HE is so worthy to be praised!


– by Geraldine Coleman

Geraldine Coleman imageGeraldine Coleman:  Is a teacher and educator and ministers to prisoners at a prison facility where she is an instructor.



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