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A Time of Choice, A Time of Come What May! — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, Elizabeth, I totally agree. It is a time like no other and the war is raging. I am excited to also see revival breaking out in many areas just as I and many have prophesied..the best of times and the worst of times but we are the LIGHT in the Darkness. Love and prayers, Sandi

  2. Dear Sandi, This is a very profound word.  As I am seeking the Lord and staying closer to Him I am fighting a rough battle, but I know the battle is the Lord’s and we win!!! Please pray for me and family.  These words spoke to me deeply:
    “Even in places where your heart has been torn, I will heal with My Seal, as you move forward in My Great Reveal.  I AM healing wounds from the past and cleansing hearts with a purification that will last. For even as division is a destructive stronghold where the enemy has a hold, I AM boldly dividing My Remnant to be either hot or cold! Blessings to you again as always and thank you for your prayers.

    • Dear MF, It is my joy to pray for you and agree with you for healing in all areas for you and your family. I would also say this to you. You said you were staying closer to Him and fight a rough battle. That, my friend, is where we all must be because these are some of the roughest battles and hardest times in our life. WE NEED EACH OTHER! We are victors! This crossroad time is true turnaround and many of us are having to make some of the hardest decisions we have ever made and so many are saying, ‘Is that really you, Lord?’ But stay in His presence and listen with a pure heart for He is ready to speak and bring peace in this hour of chaos. Love and prayers to you and yours, Sandi

  3. Dear Sandi –

    The words the Lord told you…

    “You are facing a time in America and The Nations to fight — or lay down…..
    You are at a Crossroads of Choice” truly sums up 2024. Everything is on the line. The border, the bridges, the babies.
    I think this is the most pivotal year since the Civil War. Only its not the North vs.the South – its evil vs. righteousness on full display. This is a war we must win.  Blessings

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