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The First Ever Recorded Eclipse — 9 Comments

  1. Yes indeed, these are troubled times. I don’t know if you can feel it but I certainly can. Our Savior will be back very soon. I see it in every News broadcast, newspaper, and I most certainly see it in my own country (USA). I pray for our country every day to unite and turn to God. I shiver to think what will happen if we don’t.  God Bless .

  2. We certainly are in days of awe and maybe shock and awe at the things that the Lord is about to do in the earth.We are in the times of the restoration of all things there are a lot of things in there fullness of time converging.

  3. We are indeed in the end of a satanic era and the beginning of the new kingdom age where the world will be liberated from the dragon and creation will be restored.

    It is however critical, in order to be fully accurate in our understanding, to see clear about the nation of Israel, which was funded and founded by the heads of global satanism, the Rothschilds and others from the satanic bloodlines. This military satanic state is in every aspect totally and completely the radical opposite of the true Israel of God, which is in Christ.

    The testimony of Jesus is the true Spirit of prophecy. It’s all about Jesus, and it’s never ever about a satanic, Zionist anti-Christ military political state that opposes God in every way.

    Christ is the Israel of God.

    Every true prophet knows this, as this is the testimony of the Father, the Spirit, the apostels, the prophets, the angels and even the demons.

    It’s all about Jesus.

    • David, your voice is like that of a watchman.
      Jacob placed his name on the sons of Joseph, not Judah.
      I know that only The Lord Himself can open eyes to see that which is so plainly written in Scripture – and that’s ok. He is working out His purpose in each vessel.
      We are to know a tree by it’s fruit.
      And Jesus spoke to the fig tree that there would be no fruit on it.
      Old Jerusalem leads people back into an Old Covenant relationship.
      Where then His once and for all sacrifice?

  4. I read a word the other day that
    Made me think… they said that the darkness that came over Jerusalem at the time of Jesus’ saying ‘It is finished’ then breathing his last breath, was a total solar eclipse, as well as there being the earthquake.

  5. For my understanding, Was the sun eclipsed BEFORE or AFTER standing still to give a long day to enable the victory?

    • I see the same distinction. The sun standing still is not an eclipse. It is a subjugation of the laws of nature, whereas an eclipse is within the laws of nature.

  6. Ahh, what wonderful numbers!
    Might I also add:
    9 – judgement; as 3×3, it signifies Gifts and fruits of the Spirit; Divine completeness; visitation

    11 – order of Melchizedek (simple gematria=110 and no zeros in gematria);
    Joseph the 11th son; 11 generations from Shem to Jacob, # of recorded times JESUS appeared after HIS resurrection; # of days between solar and lunar calendars.

    Yes, HIS wonderful numbers.  Thank you Veronica.

  7. Veronika, WOW! He sure is connecting the dots, What a confirmation! Signs and wonders and days of awe that will leave us awe-stricken and filled with wonder! Blessings, Sandi Holman

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