A Voice Crying in the Wilderness


An important and Necessary Sharing.

🔹”Pondering and Spiritual Insights From a Voice Crying in the Wilderness” 🔹

Meetings, Convocations, Mandates, Re-emerging local Gatherings and Connections can all be good things.

But, they can also hit a flat and stagnant end or move into a “new movement” that is actually a semi-repeat of the last such movement, only with new clothes on.

Past harms, abuses of people, posturing, or elitism, [Examples: ”male vs female spiritual status”; “we’ve got money”; “charisma” or “educational pride”]  left unaddressed and not accompanied by “heart ripping” raw repentance of the damages done, can guarantee the repeat of past spiritual events gone to seed, through insecurity, ego driven leadership and sadly, glamorizing talents and human charm rather than stopping, stepping up, and having Godly courage to lovingly but firmly address the harmful effects of the misuse of power and abuse of people.


Believer!  We must learn to worship the LORD in such a way that He is not wearied with our words, but is pleased!

For the LORD to be pleased with our worship, there must be an honest examination of ourselves so that the sacrifices of our lips, and the meditations of our hearts, CAN be acceptable in His sight.

Because feelings and emotions are not repentance, people can fall on their knees, determined to be better, to do more, to be more faithful to the services, to do rigorous Bible study, to not judge and slander behind other’s backs, or to give more, and then get up and forget all about the promises they just made to God.

Long ago, Malachi observed the “wobbly” feelings of the people of Israel.  The pomp and pageantry associated with Temple worship in Israel stirred up a strong emotional response, but no genuine life changing repentance.

There finally came a day when God said, ”It’s time for a reality check!  This must be addressed!”

There came a day when God looked intently at the outward forms of repentance in Israel and said with empowered force, “Stop it!  I will not regard your offerings anymore.  I will not receive worship from you.”

It was an act of absolute merciful grace when God sent the prophet, Malachi, to speak honestly to the people, and to bring them to true repentance.

Malachi had to tell the people plainly, “There is a repentance… …that needs to be repented of.”

The reason why the LORD sent Malachi to Israel was actually simple.  God loved His covenant people, and had their best interest in mind.

God still has the same love for His own today, for our LORD “changes not”.

The challenge for the church today is the same as it was for the church in the Old Testament era.

The church must learn to worship the LORD in such a way that He is not wearied with our words, but instead, is pleased.

But, for the LORD to be pleased with our worship, there must be an honest examination of ourselves so that the sacrifices of our lips, and the meditations of our hearts, CAN be acceptable in His sight.

Many Christians know there are issues between them and the LORD, (and those they have abused, shamed or betrayed) and are willing to leave them unaddressed and unchanged.

Sometimes if I bring up the darkness of their heart during ministry they will say, “God will change my heart.  He needs to tell the person I’ve harmed that I’m sorry, I’ve changed.  THEY need to forgive me!”

The message of Malachi insists that, on the deepest level, a person must understand their own heart, and then, become honest with God about their basic unwillingness to give up sin, which is evil.

Saint Augustine prayed, “LORD, make me holy, but not now.”

That was a honest prayer.  Only when a person is willing to admit to the LORD, “I love my sin, I love my addiction to power, pleasure, control, I make provision for it, and I am willing, in moments of passion, to be destroyed rather than let it go” —  only then is there hope for change.

I know how hard it is to be honest with OUR self, others, or God about our weaknesses!

But the Living Truth says, in James 5:16, to confess our faults one to another, within wise boundaries of course.

Confession of sin can be so helpful, if it’s done with a view to accountability, or finding forgiveness.

Many people who have confessed their sin have found freedom to travel the biblical road to recovery.

But, it’s hard to be brutally honest with God.  True, broken, heart-shattering repentance, openly admits our hypocrisy, and the falsehood of superficial repentance.

🔶 The Limited Authentic Power Of God’s Holy Spirit Without Authentic Repentance  🔶

Jesus himself clearly and openly warned those who have “anointing” but work in and around the issues of their secret iniquities.

How many are there like this in the church or current “moves and stirrings” today?

“Many will say to me in that day, LORD,  LORD, did we not prophesy by your name, and by your name cast out demons, and by your name do many mighty works?  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity.”   Matthew 7:22-23.

The HOLY fear and Revered Awe Of The LORD is something that shows someone’s heart is attaining wisdom.

They admit the shams, schemes, sneaky avoidance of self examination and allowing the stripping of all of those self empowerments.

These are the ones that Father, Son and Holy Spirit will entrust to point the way to the coming Glories of God and His Grievous and Heart-wrenching exposures of the hidden secrets left unreported and not humbly repented of, and made right.


Slowly, let’s pray the Psalm Of Humility and An Open Repentant Heart together in this holy moment of conviction.

….Your Spiritual Life, eternally… depends on the yielding to the convicting wooing voice of the King of ALL moves of the Spirit on Planet Earth.

”Search ME, O God, and know all, see all in MY heart.  Examine me, and know my anxious, nervous and emotional thoughts, look deeply and see if there is any offensive way within me that I am avoiding or protecting, and then lead me in the way everlasting,”   Psalm 139:23-24.


In His Shadow,
~ Mary Lindow ©

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” THE MESSENGER ” ~ Mary Lindow

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