A Word Concerning President Donald Trump


A Word concerning American President Donald Trump; and a Mighty Army of Armour Bearers Rising Up in the Land…!

~ I am sharing this prophetic word and insight for the purpose of prayer and intercession ~

Early hours of this morning I was woken suddenly with these words echoing in my spirit, “Now the Spirit of the LORD had turned away from Saul, and an evil spirit from the LORD tormented him”,  (1 Samuel 16:14).

Immediately I sat up and I began to inquire of the LORD, as I prayed the Holy Spirit again quickened His Word to me, then He instructed me to begin to pray and intercede for President Donald Trump and the Nation of America in this hour.

As I began to cry out to the LORD, the Holy Spirit likened President Donald Trump to me as King Saul in the Bible, (now this came as a surprise to me).  Then I was led to pray very strategically that President Donald Trump would not fall prey to the same traps set by the enemy as King Saul did while he was appointed as King of Israel.

The Holy Spirit lead me to pray that President Donald Trump would always obey God’s Word and follow God’s leading for the Nation.

I prayed that the sin of disobedience and the sin of pride would be far from Donald Trump’s heart and indeed from the hearts of those that are serving in his administration.

I cried out to God that He would protect Donald Trump from becoming impulsive and unwise in his decisions for the Nation.  I sought the heart of God for MERCY on President Trump, his administration and for the people in the land.

I asked God to raise up those who would stand faithfully in the gap for this Newly appointed King of America.

As I stayed in the place of intercession, suddenly I was shown in the Spirit a mighty Army rising up in the Nation of America and then I heard these words, “And the David Anointing will bring peace to the heart of the King and he will lead the Nation with Divine Wisdom, Counsel, Revelation and Understanding and great prosperity and restoration shall come to the land!”

After hearing these words, I pressed in deeper, listening, waiting and watching intently, then again I was shown in the Spirit realm a Mighty Army rising up in great power and authority in the land.

I saw bold, faith filled men, woman and even little children whom God has prepared for such a time as this,  I watched as these mighty Warriors stood their ground on the front-line of battle.  Their faces looked fierce yet fearlessly as they stood firm against the relentless and ruthless attacks of the enemy.

I watched in the spirit as this mighty Army of Armour-bearers were being strategically aligned and positioned by the hand God to bring about Divine protection and divine preservation to the life of this newly appointed King of America.

Then again I saw in the Spirit that these mighty ones who have been carefully chosen by the hand God would surely stand faithfully and fearlessly with President Donald Trump throughout his entire Presidency and there would be great change and transformation that would come to the Nation.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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A Word Concerning President Donald Trump — 2 Comments

  1. thank you for your faithfulness…..today is 4/9/17 and my husband and I are very concerned about the decision Trump
    made in Syria, contradicting his public statement and pre election promises…….we will be praying for him that he
    can hear ONLY from God, and “no one else”.