A Word for Democratic Republic of Congo


Prophetic Message for Democratic Republic of Congo

On the night of 9th January 2017, I had a visitation from the LORD and He gave me a message for the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In dreams of the night, the LORD took me to a forest in Congo where I was shown Government officials in collaboration with foreign powers, stealing secretly the resources of the nation for their own benefit.

The corruption has reached a tipping point and even the land and the trees are crying to God for judgement.

Then the Spirit of the LORD lifted me and showed me the poverty in the nation and how many children could not go to school, because of poverty.

When I looked at the misery of the Children, I fell down and began to cry uncontrollably.

The LORD is saying to the Government of Democratic republic of Congo, “How long will you rob My people?

I AM coming as a righteous judge.

I AM going to throw you out and the throne will be given to a man who will faithfully steward the resources of the nation.”

Intercessors Please pray for Congo that there will be smooth transition.


~ Julius Suubi

Julius SuubiJulius Suubi on HKP of Highway of Holiness Ministries International



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