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A Word for Africa, India & America — 4 Comments

  1. Oh Abba Father, you alone know our hearts and the brokenness in our lives. Thank you so much sister Syreeta for the great message. Yah bless you.

  2. “A Word for Africa, India & America”

    My God, my God!  This is so COMFIRMATION, as to what the Lord has been speaking Directly to me, as well as in Dreams!  May they have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying unto the Church!  My heart is deeply saddened, as i pray and weep for the nations.  May the Kindoms of this world, become the KINGDOMS OF OUR GOD! Mayy the Knowledge of the GLORY OF THE LORD COVER THE EARTH, AS THE WATERS COVER THE SEA!

    Blessings and Shalom!

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