A Word for America and All the Nations!


I hear The Spirit of God say, “I AM the maker of heaven and earth, I rule and reign supreme over the nations.  Yes, even the nation of America!

Listen!  For the sound of laughter will now be heard going forth across the nations.

The sound of laughter with shake and shift the heavens and the earth.

The sound of laughter will send confusion into the enemy’s camp.

Listen!  For even now I sit in the heavens and I laugh at those who dare to oppose My plans and purposes in the nations.

I sit and laugh at the wisdom and the strength of men, for surely I tell, I AM The Beginning and The End.

It is I who holds the keys to life and death.

It is I who holds the past, the present and the future of the nations.

It is I who governs over time and eternity.

Surely I tell you, I hold all things in My Hand.

I AM the King of kings and the Lord of lords and he who dares to stand against My Purposes in the nations shall be utterly destroyed.

Watch and be ready for even now the scales are shifting in your favour.

Even now, the gavel of My Justice is coming down upon the land.

I AM the great judge over the nations and I have rendered a guilty verdict over your enemies.

Have I not said My ways are higher?

Have I not said My Word is final?

And have I not declared that I stand over My Word to perform it?

Why are you so double-minded?

Why are your hearts filled with doubts and unbelief?

Why are you tossed two and fro by the strong winds that are now blowing across the nations?

Be still!  Fear not!

For even now I AM overstepping, overturning and overthrowing the ways of the wicked.

Even now I AM exposing their weaknesses and uncovering their lies.

Not one word that comes forth from their lips shall stand.  Not one word shall accomplish its purpose.

Now watch!  For I AM now revealing myself as the mighty breaker over the nations.

Watch!  For the battle belongs to The LORD.

Arise My beloved and cast off fear.

Arise and rejoice for the victory is yours,”  says The Spirit of God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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