A Word for Malaysia

After completing a ministry trip to Malaysia, on April 5, 2016, the LORD  gave this Word to Pastor Brian Hay for Malaysia.  This word is published here with the kind permission of Pastor Hay.


Malaysia, Malaysia, you were once a teachable child of humility, but you have changed.  You have become lifted up with conceit, a very unteachable and resistant people.  As in the natural, so also in the Spirit.  As in the secular world, so also now in the Spiritual Church.

You have become stiff-necked and hard-hearted, because you have resisted My truth.  You have become a people offended.  Contention is in the heart of the people and many have rejected the attitude of the Spirit of Mercy and have embraced the sins of self justification.

Many have now ingested a leaven of bitterness and no longer will accept My counsels.  The fruit of My Spirit is no longer in them.

The fiery darts of the wicked one have entered many, and grace and mercy, the clothes of humility, have been put off and the garments of pride, have become their adorning.

Where is your humility?  Where is your mercy?  Where is your compassion?

“I am right,”  “I am right,” is your decree;  but you are wrong; very wrong!

There is no retaliation, or revenge, in Love.  Humility is the robe of the righteous, and righteousness. needs no defense,  (Psalm 11:2.)

Sin has entered the heart of this child and now many have entered the path of the wayward son.

My Church and My people cry out, “Give me my inheritance,” and demand the rewards without the sacrifice.

Repent and return from the foolishness of your ways and humble yourselves again, lest I take My weapon of judgement into MY hand and assemble My avengers.  For judgement will begin in My House, My Church first.

My Kingdom is one of sacrifice and servants – the duty of Priests –  and not about power, prosperity or prestige.  That is the focus of kings.  There is one King in God’s Kingdom, “Christ the Son.”

Wealth and power are keys to the kingdom of darkness, not light.

Therefore, examine your heart and repent, while there is still time for it.


Link to The Omega Times website Pastor Brian Hay is a Director of Signpost Ministries International and of The Omega Times.   As a prophet and teacher, Pastor Brian ministers to the nations of the world as The LORD leads him.




A Word for Malaysia — 2 Comments

  1. Amen.
    Blessings Pastor Brian.
    Keep spreading the Word of Truth.

  2. Obedience is better than sacrifice.
    Obedience to God can happen in 2 ways;
    1) Out of fear and out of guilt
    2) Out of love and out of joy
    Choose to repent and live in the abundance of God’s love, mercy and grace. Choose life and not death.