A Word for someone, long afflicted


God sent me here with a Word for someone whom the devil has harassed with afflictions for a long time.

The Word of God declares, “These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David.  What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open,”   Isaiah 22:22.

I speak this Word to you because God has sent me with some apostolic decrees over your life, for He is about to open some good doors which were closed by the devil in your life, and also close evil doors which were opened against you.  Something is about to shift in your life in the next few moments.

For you see, the LORD Jesus holds the Key of David, the key of The Kingdom [ruling the earth].

What I need you to take note of, is that the one who holds the key is the same one who determines what goes in and what comes out of a place.  What the Master is saying to you in these words, is that nothing ever happens in your life by chance, and nothing just happens on the earth, but everything has been committed into His hands.

He decides what gets to happen or not.  If he says you’re blessed, you’re blessed.  No one can change it.  If He says you’re covered, from that moment you are covered for life.
Jesus holds the key of David.

When He says you are going up, no one can bring you down, even if they tried a million times.  When He says the Devil’s time is over in your life, no power in hell will be able to touch you.

When He says you are favored, every one will love you, even your enemies.

The LORD one time said to me, ‘I AM the One who holds the Key to your Destiny.’  What that means is that you could never fulfill what was appointed to you until Jesus said ‘Yes’ to it.

That also means:  Anyone who will live a truly fulfilled life on the earth will have to first go through Jesus.

Ah, I come as His appointed vessel of the hour to declare every locked door in your life is about to go open.  For I saw it in the spirit that God has placed a bunch of keys in my hands for the sake of His people. and now,

I decree:  The doors of Debt and Poverty are locked up in your life from today.

I declare:  The doors of Fear and Intimidation are shut up.

I declare:  The doors of Failure and Backwardness and Sickness are shut in your life.

I declare:  The doors of Discouragement and Confusion are shut.

I  declare:  The doors which the kingdom of darkness has used to afflict your life are shut from today, in Jesus’ name.

I also Declare it now:  The doors of Power and Favor are opened up in your life.

I declare:  Greatness and Royalty are opened up for you.

I declare:  The doors of Healing and Divine Health are opened up for you.

I decree:  Financial Provision and Wealth are opened up for you.

I declare:  The doors of Jobs, Businesses and Great Properties are opened up for you.

I declare:  The doors of Marriage and Joy in your Marriage are opened up for you.

No matter what good doors the Devil shut in your life, by the anointing upon my life,  I   declare them opened today.

C’mon, raise your faith and receive these right now, in Jesus’ name!


~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams
Apostolic Revival Church International, Nairobi




A Word for someone, long afflicted — 10 Comments

  1. My soul is magnifying the Lord! This is truly a word from the Lord. I needed this. Thank God for you Brother Williams for being obedient to the Lord. I will make this a part of my decrees and declarations as already done. Amen!

  2. Bless and Praise the LORD! O, my soul!!
    Thank you brother Paul for your obedience to our Father in giving His children an encouraging message and a refreshing cup of water in season.
    May God’s Love, Favor and Grace be unto you forevermore.

  3. Thank you awesome wonderful savior for your precious words this day, as I have asked for you to speak through His Kingdom Prophecy tonight, you led me here, for this is what I needed to hear, Yes and Amen, these words spoken here, as I read them is me.
    I knew this within my spirit, before you spoken it, Yes I know that you hold the keys to my Destiny, it is all in your hands, and has been before you even formed me in my mother’s womb, Glory to God!
    This is my set time of Favor, I declare and decree it, for it shall come to pass, it shall come to pass.
    Wow! Thank you Pastor Paul A. Williams for speaking these awesome words, the Father’s words into my spirit this day, What a Mighty Awesome God, we Serve!

  4. Yes, I receive it! Amen. The afflictions have been tiring, I surrender all to the Lord.

  5. Thank you. You have no idea how on time this Athena word is for me. God is faithful and I trust Him leaning not on my own understanding.

  6. Oh What a Mighty declaration!!! I receive it in Jesus Name, Amen!!!! God bless Apostle Paul Williams.

  7. Thankyou brother, your words are so powerful and faith building!!!! God bless!!!!