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A Word of Prophetic Warning for The UK — 9 Comments

  1. The lord as spoken over and over to me for almost a year, He revealed to me that there was going to be a pouring out of his spirit like never before, I believe this to be the end time harvest, and for the UK, he told me that much more will be revealed about Prince Andrew and Prince Andrew will be the start of the downfall of the royal family.  I have been praying for the UK for weeks, and after the 12December we in the UK are going to see the fall of many who have tried to block the will of God.  There will be a mighty shift , and January the year of 20/20 will open the spiritual eyes of Gods people and they will clearly see his hand at work, as he contends with the Whore of Babylon.  Our God is about to move like never before.  Thank you father.

  2. My reply to the last question. Intercede in tongues, intercession is predominantly in tongues; sometimes we are not given interpretations because it is not necessary for us to know.
    Thank you Veronika for your ministry we, as a congregation, witness with so much that you say and it lines up with what God has shown us.
    Bless you and thank you.

  3. A few weeks ago I saw all the faces flashing by me of all the kinds who sat on king Dawids throne through the ages. Then it stopped at two women passively sitting in the throne and I knew it had to be queen Elizabeth 1 and 2nd. Suddenly I saw the face of death in the throne wearing not a crown but a viking hat. Then I saw Satan sitting on the throne. Suddenly I saw Jesus sitting on the throne.

  4. This Epstein thing is going to touch people in high positions all over the world. The Lord is going to demote and shame many leaders and promote many hidden and unknown believers. This is going to be a good thing, but we must remember to pray for those who are being exposed to stay in the character of Jesus Christ.

    • Yes, it will be like that, I received as well. The children who are abused will receive justice. And the hidden believers are coming at the front, there will be a replacing of keyfigures in the kingdom of God. And there will be a shaking in families of royals.

      • This is right now happening an it’s just the beginning.
        I pray for them to find the Truth Way and life in their life also eternal life. At this time they need our prayers more then ever!

  5. It says in the word of God everything hidden will be exposed. We need to ask God for healing deliverance and the most important prayer of all is salvation and protection for the individuals. When Jesus deals with hidden sin it’s painful because out comes condemnation and guilt and all the other hidden extras that go with it. God uses what I call the big black stick to deal with rebellion and with some people it’s the only way God can deal with us to make us admit we’re in the wrong and to humble us to accept our guilt.

  6. Please assist me on how or what to specifically, pray for. Your prophetic warning referred to “DIVINE exposures” being revealed about the Prince(s).

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