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A Word of The LORD for Hawaii (Updated) — 5 Comments

  1. Yes, may the love of the Lord Jesus and the Father and the peace of the Holy Spirit be upon all people in Hawaii who will experience the power of the resurrection of Jesus.

    • Yes, I have a close friend who went there many times, and she just loved it. She said it rained almost every day and it was so beautiful.
      God bless you!

  2. Could the word or name the Lord used be spelled “HONEA” instead?  Hawaii has a slang language all their own, that often resembles English terms in some form, & in this case the word ‘honea’ could be the topical slang of the common English word- HONEY?  This idea would also fit appropriately in context for use in this Word.  I looked up the spelling of “Honea” online & discovered- “it is a Middle English term of endearment, meaning “sweetheart” or “darling…”  Obviously, to those who know the Lord to some intimate degree, know He is both very near & very dear!  Awesome Word!  rick

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