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A Word of the LORD to the American Church — 2 Comments

  1. What I see with Trump is that even though he is not a Christian himself, he would not STOP US from being Christians.  He supports a Christian worldview.  I think he would not obstruct the Christians as we are seeing now.  Our recent administrations, both sides, have actively stopped the American people from doing what we know is right.  All we need, really, is a leader who will instead SUPPORT what is right, and then stay out of the way.  Someone to clear a path for us.

    There is a Jewish rabbi on youtube somewhere who said he feels that Trump could be America’s Cyrus.  I will have to read more about Cyrus and what that really means, but he was saying, I think, that even though Cyrus was not a Jew, he allowed the Jews to live their faith and do God’s work.  That is what I hope for the Christians in America.  Thank you for your word!

  2. Kevin, thank you for writing this, when so many are condemning anyone that even considers voting for Trump. Takes courage, God bless.  Sharla Hoheisel

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