A Word of the LORD to the American Church


A Word of the LORD to the American Church.

Many will not like this Word.  They will think I am promoting a political agenda, which I am not.  I had no desire to even vote in this election on March 5.

I posted [on Facebook] that I was caught up before the throne concerning the election, though I did not share what He showed Me in that encounter.  In that visitation, the LORD showed me the heart of Donald Trump – that he loved our Nation and really wants what is best for us.

Jesus showed me a vision of Donald in the White House receiving the True Apostles and Prophets and receiving their counsel.  The LORD showed me that He would touch Donald Trump’s heart and give him His heart for our people, and that He would be a true Father to Our Nation and the Nations.

Since that encounter, The LORD has shown me visions of the coming persecution and of the harvest.  Actually, two of the harvests.

One was massive and would be another true great awakening, with multitudes coming into the Kingdom.  Another, where the harvest was much, much smaller.

He showed Me that Satan’s plan was to bring forth a One World Government prematurely, and bring World War 3 [WWWIII] prematurely, to stop the great harvest of souls.

He showed me that if anyone but Trump became president, America would quickly go under UN Control [United Nations] and One World Government would follow shortly and that the chip, or the Mark of the beast, woould be enforced shortly after.

In one of the visitations, Jesus showed Me that much of the the established leadership in the Church had become like Eli, and their vision was greatly diminished.  They could not hear the Word of the LORD anymore, and that He allowed Satan to put a lying spirit in the mouth of many of the prophets, that Hilary, would be the next US President.

She may very well be, if we the church, do not humble ourselves, fast and pray and repent of our sins.  Not just the physical sins of the flesh, but the spiritual sins of pride, manipulation, control, intimidation, using divination to take offerings, building our own kingdoms, merchandising and selling of the Gospel, and not looking to heaven for our pattern of churches and ministries.

He also said that if the Church did not hear from heaven and promote His will, that this would not happen concerning Trump.

It’s not automatic!  Christians must overcome the ‘politically-correct’ spirit and get in the fight, or else Hilary, a true Jezebel, would get into the White House.  Then the chip would come forth quickly, if she did.  Many Christians would be deceived by apostate leaders into taking the mark.

Saints, we must get in the fight, in fasting, prayer, repentance and being a voice everywhere that we can possibly be one.

I love you all.  I take the stand that I do, because I have heard from heaven.  God bless.

Please do not reject this Word without fasting, praying and hearing from heaven for your selves.



Kevin Nugent
An apostle of the LORD.

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent



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A Word of the LORD to the American Church — 2 Comments

  1. Kevin, thank you for writing this, when so many are condemning anyone that even considers voting for Trump. Takes courage, God bless.  Sharla Hoheisel

  2. What I see with Trump is that even though he is not a Christian himself, he would not STOP US from being Christians.  He supports a Christian worldview.  I think he would not obstruct the Christians as we are seeing now.  Our recent administrations, both sides, have actively stopped the American people from doing what we know is right.  All we need, really, is a leader who will instead SUPPORT what is right, and then stay out of the way.  Someone to clear a path for us.

    There is a Jewish rabbi on youtube somewhere who said he feels that Trump could be America’s Cyrus.  I will have to read more about Cyrus and what that really means, but he was saying, I think, that even though Cyrus was not a Jew, he allowed the Jews to live their faith and do God’s work.  That is what I hope for the Christians in America.  Thank you for your word!

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