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A Word on The Coming Justice in Great Britain — 6 Comments

  1. This prophecy is so welcome.
    The comment from Deutchland sparked something in me.
    On my father’s side his grand parents sought asylum from religious persecution
    In the mid 19th century. Not unusual but in the psyche of many people, the injustices have affected later descendants more than we realise.
    I think particularly of the potato famine in Ireland and the Clearances in Scotland
    A Sottish friend of mine told me that she learnt to hate the English but did not know why.
    I believe that our Lord will bring healing to our souls and free us from all the ancestral prejudices that Satan has used to divide us.
    Thankyou that God’s LOVE overcomes everything that Satan has meant for harm?
    Praise Him. AMEN

  2. Wenn ich dies hier lese und die Aussagen über Amerika, stellt sich mir die Frage;” Was ist mit Europa und meinem Heimatland Deutschland “?
    Ich hoffe, auch hier kommt eine tiefgreifende Erweckung.
    Gottes überreichen Segen möge alle Propheten in seinem Wort bestärken.

    [ HKP: “When I read this and the statements about America, the question arises in my mind;” What about Europe and my home country Germany?
    I hope a profound revival comes here too.
    May God’s abundant blessings strengthen all prophets in his word.” ]

    • I believe Germany, and every other European country, will be affected and will experience revival. Indeed, I believe it’s already happening, quietly, in Germany and Netherlands. I’m hearing reports of Holy Spirit moving on the young people all over the area.
      It will soon reach you my friend!
      God bless you

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