A Word to the Righteous in America


A Word to the righteous overcomer in America and a personal word to Donald Trump ahead of tonight’s presidential debate.

All day I have carried the nation of America in my heart.  I have cried out to The LORD with a loud voice in praise, worship and thanksgiving for the victory that has already been settled in the heavenlies.

Then I heard the Father say these words to Donald Trump, “My anointed do not fear the giants that come against them in this hour.  Do not fear their words.  Do not be afraid though their threats surround you like nettles, briers and stinging scorpions.  Do not look at their faces, for I have made your face adamant to match their faces and your forehead hard to their foreheads.

Yes I have made your forehead like the hardest of stone, harder than flint and I have hardened you to difficulty.  Now as you humble yourself under My mighty hand in this hour, I will give you the honour of kings and you shall rule and reign in My power and authority over the land,”  says God.

A word to the righteous in America

I hear the spirit say, “I have opened doors that no man or power of the enemy can shut.

Fear not!  For I have already prepared and empowered you for such a time as this, and I have strategically positioned you for greater kingdom impact and influence among the nations of the earth.  

Watch!  As My quickening anointing now causes you to rise up and begin to rule and reign in the realms impossibility.

No longer will you be restrained and restricted by the demons of deception, but your eyes are now being opened to see and recognise that it is I who is making a way where there seemed no way.

I will cause you to now arise in greater power and authority to declare, to decree and to testify that I AM your mighty deliverer, your breakthrough and your victory,”  says God.

“Watch as My glory cloud now moves, advances and accelerated My people in this hour.  No hidden plan, scheme or tactic of the enemy shall stand against the power of My purposes and My plans from being made manifest in this nation,”  says God.

“Even now in this very hour, My spirit of might, wisdom and truth is equipping you to stand strong, steadfast, undeterred and without doubt,”  says God.

“Have I not said that I AM your battering ram and the breaker that goes before you to break open the gates, to break through the tangles, to break through the scrub and the briers that have held you back and hindered your advancing?

And have I not promised to bring you forth into a place of unprecedented increase, overflow and abundance?

Fear not My beloved warriors, for you will not be overcome and overtaken by the powers of the enemy.  No!  No!  But you will pursue and push him back and in My power and strength you will defeat the works of darkness and you shall shout grace to the mountains and they will be removed, and you will shout grace to the valleys and they shall be leveled and you will leap upon the high places and watch as destruction comes upon the heads of the enemies of My Kingdom,” says God.

“Now as My faithful watchmen and courageous warriors you must remain vigilant, alert and brave, you must not shrink back or bow the knee to the spirits of control and intimidation that have relentlessly rallied to sidetrack and distract you from the Kingdom assignment I have called, anointed and appointed you to.  In this hour you must resist the voices that speak death threats and despair over you.

Beloved, I AM opening your eyes that you may see and recognise the works of a counterfeit spirit.

Watch, for many shall come as angels of light in this season who will lure the lukewarm and the those who have lived in comprise and in their comfort zones.  Now, I AM making you sharper and more discerning giving you the ability to unmask the masquerading spirits that have been unleashed upon My body in this season of transition,”  says God.

“Listen!  By My spirit of revelation, wisdom and power I have equipped you to overcome and overthrow every work of wickedness.  I have strengthened you and sustained you.  I have lifted you up and seated you with me in the realms of Kingdom authority and victory.

I have sealed you with my precious blood and now you stand at My right hand where I cause you to conquer by creating heaven upon earth with the words of your mouth.

I have given you new life, new territory and greater authority for establishing the purposes of my kingdom which is now advancing as you walk in My glory and power pushing back the forces of darkness and destruction.

I have placed a crown upon your head authorizing you to access the unlimited resources of My wealth and Kingdom riches, nothing is withheld from my kings and high priests.  They shall be My divine protectors and promise keepers, and they shall go forth to possess the land,”  says God.

I Declare over America faith is now rising, this is your finest hour.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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A Word to the Righteous in America — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks be to God, for your words, for all in which you have spoken Abba, I receive them in great comfort and joy, knowing it is as you have declared it to be so.
    Amen! Wow, Powerful, Awesome, Praise you Abba!