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  1. My lovely and loving sister Deborah – your words are right and chosen Scriptures for sure, too. Yes, we shall not have anything in common with the darkness, we rather shall expose them. This is also written in His Holy Book.

  2. Awesome Fther God, Yes, Yes, I am in agreement with you. I thank you.
    I thank you. I thank you. I Praise you on High !!!! Hallelujah !!! Yes, Daddy, I believe in my heart, you are faithful to your promise, you are faithful and true. I hear. I hear. I hear, you speaking to me. I receive you. I believe my Victory, Shall manifest in this season. I believe. I believe, for you have personally spoken it unto me. Hallelujah !!! I’m holding on to you. I will not let go. I know you. I trust in your faithfulness to bring it to pass, for you are not a man that you should lie, had you spoken it, and shall you not make it good. It Shall spring forth in this season of my life. Hallelujah for All good gifts, comes from you. I stand on your words of truth, and no one can ever steal that away from me. Glory, honor, and higher praises lifted unto you. I bless you awesome Father, beloved one, I love evermore.

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