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Alert: The Floodgates Have Broken Open — 3 Comments

  1. The seven year peace treaty has not been signed. Therefore we are not in the tribulation just yet. Maybe close. We have to know the word of God. The tribulation will be
    3 1/2 years and 3 1/2 years. The length of the peace treaty.

  2. The NCAA Championship featured Washington(State) vs Michigan Wolverines… which was a Prophetic Sign confirming Barry Wunsch’s several Prophecies about Russia retaliating by sending its Navy along America’s East & West Coasts. He says, “There is a Storm Coming Quickly across the Land. You will watch and see powers and principalities taken out around you by the power of my name – for I am the Lord of Hosts.” And Troy Black said God showed him the Movie “Red Dawn” which was about a confict against Russia and the American Heroes were from Michigan and called Wolverines. So the Flood could be literal, but also symbolic of a Bumpy Ride as God is birthing a Glorious New America per Chris Reed.

    • The Wolverines won that Championship Game by a score was 34-13, and DJT had 34 Counts. Probably not a coincidence. The 13 is for America’s Original 13 Colonies & reaffirms Chris Reed’s “Rebirth of America.” To God be the Glory!

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