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The Christ Solution: 7 Spiritual Keys To Peace and Purpose

Are you struggling to find meaning in this modern world? You are not alone.

The never-ending distractions… chaos… and aimless walking through life can all cause pain, frustration, depression, and more.

The world around us today have become extremely fragile and turbulent. Pandemics, economic melt down, uncertainties and fear are crippling mankind. Do you feel it? The seemingly solid foundations of the world system are shaking.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. The question we should be asking is, Do we have a strong spiritual foundation under our feet to weather this storm? Are we building our house on the solid Rock of Christ that cannot be shaken ― ever?

Discover how The Christ Solution — the 7 foundational spiritual keys can help you pave a life of peace and security in the midst of turbulence and chaos.

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Junu Thomas imageJunu is a Speaker, Evangelist, and Author of the book; The Christ Solution and lives near the Greater Memphis area. He is on a personal crusade to help others discover their true identity and worth in Christ. His combination of faith and balance are laid out in this thoughtful, provocative, and inspirational book. For more details visit his website junuthomas. Junu is the host of the Christian Talk show ‘Spirit Life Talks’ now streaming on YouTube at youtube.com/junuthomas. Kindly subscribe for updates

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