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Time to Shift our Focus — 2 Comments

  1. You do know that Jesus resurrected from the dead even tho the disciples thought it was over when He was crucified and decided to ‘move on’. Peter went back to fishing but caught nothing the entire time until when Jesus resurrected and found him at the sea of Galilee and assured him & the entire group of disciples that the movement He had started in them & with them had not ended with His death but it was actually going into a new phase from merely Judea to the ends of the world. You may choose to move on and go back to ur usual’fishing’ but u of all people shud know that God is not a man that He shud lie nor son of man to change His mind and that He always have a remnant who will continue to contend for His purpose to be established in the earth. As the bible says in 1 Kings 19, God had determined to remove Ahab & Jezebel and even tho Elijah ran away coz of the conniving and threats of Jezebel, God met him in the dessert and told him to go back and finish the work He had assigned him. Selah

    • Sorry you have misunderstood the message. Seek first God and maintain your connection with Him. I understand the gravity of the situation going on in the nation and confident that God will intervene in His time in His terms and not on man’s narrative. Fix your eyes back on Jesus because HE alone can save.

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