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Beware of the False Prophets — 7 Comments

  1. Many of these so called false prophets are really telling the truth. I think that you had better start listening to the likes of Hank Kunneman, Robin Bullock, Dutch Sheets and others that are aligned together. The things that they say are actually coming to pass.

  2. I agree with the first reply. One has to be blind not to see the antichrist agenda that is unfolding before our eyes. To call out those who are warning about these catastrophic events as ‘false prophets’ is a grave error and very careless.

  3. Forget about both the prophetic and the false-prophetic for a moment.  There has been evidence of a geo-political agenda to “vaccinate” the whole population even before covid-19 arrived as a pretext, and also suppressed medical voices are saying that these new, so-called “vaccines” are unnecessary and potentially harmful, while causing actual harm.  If sharing these obvious concerns with others causes me to called a “false prophet” or a “blind leader”, then so be it.

    • Hear, hear! Only the blind would turn their eyes away from the insidious evil that this vaccine is. The evidence is over whelming.

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