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Altar Worker’s Etiquette 101 — 7 Comments

  1. I would very much like to improve on my altar working skills as I oftentimes get why as to what to say to someone.
    Additionally, should you pray with someone when you are battling illnesses?

  2. Also ask permission to touch people. If the answer is No, it’s not about you anyway. God deals with us all differently.  Not everyone wants to be touched as it can be a distraction for them. When I am responding to an alter call, I feel the presence of The Spirit and I am pressing in closer to Him and then someone comes up and starts rubbing and or touching my back or shoulder and it is very disturbing and distracting for me. Feels like I lose the connection I was making with HIM. Then folks are praying loudly beside you and you try to drown it out and focus but it can be difficult then too.

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