America: A Threat on the President’s Life


Reporting a psychic’s prediction: “Donald Trump’s assassination in the month of October.”

I felt to address a recent post I read on Prophets for Trump, (an awesome Facebook Group by the way).  I encourage you to take a look at the posts on there!

Anyhow, I read the post about a psychic who has predicted that Donald Trump would be assassinated in the month of October.

Now usually I would not even entertain reading any such material from psychics, however on this occasion to my surprise the Holy Spirit stopped me in my tracks and spoke to me saying, “Daughter pay attention!   For the enemy is revealing his hand in this hour.”

I listened again and the Holy Spirit repeated Himself to me, so I began to inquire of Him, to which He spoke again saying, “Daughter pay attention!  Satan is revealing his hand in this hour, for there is an assignment of the enemy to assassinate Donald Trump

Keep watching and praying.  Renounce the works of wickedness over the land”!

Listen friends, under no circumstances do I condone following or listening to psychics, for indeed they operate under the power of divination, however, let us remember that the realm of revelation is all one realm.

Let us become awakened and acutely aware of how satan is moving in this hour.  Let us recognise when he is in fact openly revealing his hand to us through those that have become his mouth pieces.

God in His mercy is allowing the plans and purposes of the enemy to be revealed and exposed in order that we may quickly and strategically deal with his threats and his intentions.

Furthermore, let us pray for those who are being used to promote what the enemy is doing in the earth.  Let us pray that they would have a divine encounter with the Spirit of Truth, that they would be set free from the chains of divination that bind them.

Please Note:  This is NOT about listening or paying attention to the voice of psychics, but rather it is about being aware of the voice of the enemy when he begins to openly reveal his agenda for the future.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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America: A Threat on the President’s Life — 5 Comments

  1. I am amazed, Do we really know the Spirit of God, We need to read about Hezekiah, The Lord did not tell Isaiah that a psychic predicted that Hezekiah was going to die, The Lord God sent His word Himself to Hezekiah, The Lord God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, If God sent word to Hezekiah He will do the same for President Trump, Our God is the creator of all things great and small and he is more than capable of protecting Trump, God forgive me if I am wrong but the Lord God does not need to heed the warning of psychics because He can do what He wants when He wants, If we are truly tuned to the Holy Ghost we to will understand who God our Father is and what He has done and can do, The prediction of this psychic is hog wash, God our Father can and will protect our President, May God Richly Bless You,

  2. No doubt some of the psychics know exactly what’s coming, and when, according to certain choices people will make.  Before I was baptized, I had a psychic friend who was very accurate in all her predictions, so much so it was scary!  She would warn me of dangers coming ‘in the road ahead’ and would also give me the time frame of when the dangers would manifest.  Sure enough, in some cases I would barely be able to recognize the danger quick enough to avoid the catastrophe.  So they are a very good source of info on the devil’s plans, so long as we are not out seeking their advise, as King Saul, and others.  For unless the Lord directs us, they are there to distract us from the Lord and lead us into witchcraft…
    I noticed the line- “For the enemy is revealing his hand IN THIS HOUR.” Regardless of the ‘October’ prediction by the psychic, the Lord is warning all of us NOW that Trump’s life is in continual danger, and has told us the danger is especially strong in the first 100 days of his presidency.  Every able bodied praying Christian alive should be on their knees fervently DAILY right NOW, to cover Trump’s life under God’s hand of protection!  This may be our ‘last chance’ for mercy over this nation, to follow the directions of the Lord, in which He may save us a lot of trouble!  The HOUR to pray is NOW, or there may not be ‘a tomorrow’ we would care to live.  rick

  3. OK I’m not a psychic and I was speaking to my spiritual daughter on Friday and the same thing came out of my mouth. That Donald Trump will be assisnated. I know God speaks to me and through me

  4. We say the plan of the enemy but could it be that God that remove is hand from trump. Remember job was a righteous man but He still allowed Satan to smite everything for Job. There are some behaviours that this man is doing that is not right already. Also remember Saul went to a women of divination and who spoke? Samuel. God can use a donkey to speak if He wants. The only good thing this man as done so far is turn the act of same sex marriage. Throwing people out of America who have lived and worked hard for years is not a act of God.

    Watch his action and see why he might have attempts on his life. There are good and bad people every where. This earth belongs to God. You can’t give people hope and then take it away

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