America: A Warning to the Silent Majority


There has been much talk over the years of the silent majority, but “there is a time to keep silence, and a time to speak,”  Ecclesiastes 3:7 and to keep silent when you should speak can bring death to millions.

The majority was silent while screaming trainloads of My people were being transported to the ovens and gas chambers.  Six million were murdered while the majority remained silent.

The majority in America have been silent for years, while 50 million babies have been cut in pieces, burned out, or poisoned and thrown in hospital trash bins.

The Christian majority remains silent week after week, as pastors, water down, twist, change, leave out, misquote, and rewrite My word.  They know it’s wrong yet they remain silent except for an occasional amen, to make the pastor feel good.  They stay under this influence and false teaching for years and then cry to Me when their children, after observing the parents lukewarm lifestyle, declare, “there is no God!”

The sin of the silent majority is that they let love wax ice cold.  Their silence gives consent, therefore they stand before Me as guilty as the perpetrators.  From their perspective; As long as it’s not me being accused, laughed at, arrested, torchered, fired, laid off, raped, abused, starving, naked, or beheaded, I am not going to get involved.  I don’t want to see or hear anything so please turn the music up louder.

This I can promise: You and everyone that ever lived on planet earth, will be silent in heaven, when they stand before Me as I open the books on their lives!  Revelation 5:9, 20:12.  Then there will be great noise, there will either be the great weeping of the silent majority Matthew 25:41-46 or the shouts and rejoicing of the love in action crowd!   Matthew 25:31-40.

You as a believer have two choices,

1.  become part of My kingdom, break your silence and love with actions or

2.  turn the music up louder and turn ice cold with the silent majority!


Jim Hammerle

We at His Kingdom Prophecy feel called to add the following to this article as we stand with Jim Hammerle and the Word of the Lord.
This following is by:

Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

Als die Nazis die Kommunisten holten,
habe ich geschwiegen;
ich war ja kein Kommunist.Als sie die Sozialdemokraten einsperrten,
habe ich geschwiegen;
ich war ja kein Sozialdemokrat.

Als sie die Gewerkschafter holten,
habe ich nicht protestiert;
ich war ja kein Gewerkschafter.

Als sie die Juden holten,
habe ich geschwiegen;
ich war ja kein Jude.

Als sie mich holten,
gab es keinen mehr,
der protestieren konnte.

Jim HammerleJim Hammerle  (1941-2017) began ministry working with David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz, founding Teen Challenge Philadelphia. 6 times in the mission field pastoring a mission ship, 15 years with tv and radio, teaching, and preaching.  As a retired businessman, Jim helped to feed widows and orphans in Uganda, helping Muslims find the Jesus who fed them. He became His banker and was privileged to give His money away, wherever He decided, so he also helping to build an orphanage in Haiti and investing in lives in the USA. Totally in love with his Lord, at age 73 he served in ministry at Victory Christian Church and lived every hour listening for his Heavenly Father’s voice.  Jim passed away on May 23, 2017 to be with the LORD.


America: A Warning to the Silent Majority — 2 Comments

  1. Isaiah 40:5-8 (NKJV)
    5 The glory of the Lord shall be revealed,
    And all flesh shall see it together;
    For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.”
    6 The voice said, “Cry out!”
    And he[a] said, “What shall I cry?”
    “All flesh is grass,
    And all its loveliness is like the flower of the field.
    7 The grass withers, the flower fades,
    Because the breath of the Lord blows upon it;
    Surely the people are grass.
    8 The grass withers, the flower fades,
    But the word of our God stands forever.”

    Numbers 14:21 (NKJV)
    21 but truly, as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord—

  2. I am not sure what we can do. I have written to my representatives and if you get a reply it is simply them telling you why they are going to vote in some way rather than any sort of indication that they are actually interested in your wishes. Truly this may be a time when those who are waiting on the Lord receive their marching orders. The only thing worse than doing nothing at all is moving without orders. This was a good article and your comparison to the Holocaust was appropriate.

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