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  1. This battle belongs to the Lord.
    The Lord has victory in His hands.
    Let’s fix our gaze on Jesus, press on and enforce the victory of the Lord.
    Keep on praying.
    Carry out His Will and establish the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth.
    Until the Lord speaks, it’s not over.


  2. Is it not said anyone’s sins you forgive on earth are forgiven?
    Is it not said He does nothing without telling the prophets?
    Is it not said who receives a prophet receives a prophet’s reward?
    Is it not said that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy?

    Stand, and see the deliverence of the Lord.

  3. I agree with comments. Mr. Trump is but a man. He is not God. Please lets move own and help the nation heal instead of sowing further division and confusion.

  4. What a rich and affirming Word from easily my favorite Prophetic Voice. You rock Veronika, because God loves your heart for Him! I do as well. Can’t wipe the huge smile from my face. Been shouting for joy for the victory at hand!! Been doing so up to the moment I watched this. Will now share this powerful W9ord with my Circle and trusted friends. Thanks you Lord for your faithful, courageous voices that are willing to put themselves out in such humble and beautiful manner. May there recompence be a thousand fold. Blessings upon you and your family Veronika!! Love wins!!!

  5. If only we can walk by faith and not by sight . So much is happenning in the spiritual realm and there is an overturn of evils.  let us just continue praying for Justice and righteousnes, will of God and alighnment with the kingdomof God on earth as it is in heaven. The 144 000 are here! Read (Revelation 14:3) Only tge 144 000 will know the song and that is really happening now. Glory to God!  Thank you Veronika for being obedient to the voice of God.

  6. Amen,so good. It fits right in with the plans and purposes of what God is doing in the whole world for the final harvest just ahead.  If anyone watched The Return event in Washington DC on Sept 26 and all that was done and spoken by true men and women of God at that event, you will know that God is in all this.  It has His fingerprints all over it.  Anyone spending all their time listening to what the media have to say of all this, is listening to the voice of the world and the evil one.  If you are coming on this site just to bash and jeer at the true prophets of God then be very careful. True discernment is needed now, not foolishness.  Like Frank Amedia prophesied as the last prophetic word of that conference, “Let God be true and every man a liar if they must be”.  His will be done.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing these dreams! This was so encouraging! I watched your video right after learning of Biden “winning,” so it was very appropriately timed and probably why God wanted you to share it when you did. God knew we Christians in America would need a boost about now. I’ve been sharing your video with everyone to encourage them as well. God’s got this! We’re going to pray and praise this victory into manifestation.

    • Amen!!! I join with the Calebs and Joshuas out there that choose to believe the better word of the Lord. Praise God that we are able to strengthen each other to stand as one. Praise the name of the Lord for His great mercy on our nation. Praise the name of our Lord who is our Redeemer! Great is His faithfulness! High praises to our Father in heaven for hearing our voices as we cry of FOUL! Thank you for hearing us and sending your righteous decree to avenge our President and firmly establish his leadership over America for another 4 years. Thank you the gift of Donald Trump. Thank you precious Lord! Amen!!

  8. With due respect madam, but somebody must tell you that is over now and it seems Biden is the elected president. Though I support Trump for his platform, I must tell that you failed in your predictions and not just you but so many other “prophets”. Maybe because we, you, us, the church in general, put the trust in Trump and not in Jesus and often we considered the US as the kingdom of God or as the Body of Jesus on earth, forgetting that it is just another country that God is using for his will and plans and that we are just temporary here, appointed as ambassadors of Christ and Heaven, our homeland in Christ, in to this country which by the way is not the center of the world, is not the chosen nation as the Israel is, and is not the church of Christ. If the coming days will prove me wrong and you correct, I won’t be ashamed to apologize sincerely and gladly to you in this site, but until than please consider a thorough check on the prophecies you have given recently. By the way, if I’m correct, your dream of the matador and the bull in the arena, ended up with the bull dying, but you always downplayed such interpretation.

    • Well said Olti. God is not American, not Republican, not a Trump supporter. God created and loves everyone on the earth.
      The incessant pro-Trump partisan predictions are most unhelpful and are making you and other prophets look a bit foolish…..

    • I agree with comments. Mr. Trump is but a man. He is not God. Please lets move own and help the nation heal instead of sowing further division and confusion.

      • 2 Kings 9:22,
        ‘ .. “How can there be peace,” Jehu replied, “as long as all the idolatry and witchcraft of your mother Jezebel abound?” ‘

  9. You’re expecting the Supreme Court to overturn a clear Biden victory?  They will look at the reality, not hysterical claims of fraud.

  10. Thank you Veronica!!
    I am also of no reputation. Being made a clear, inside out, reflection of my Maker. All Glory, Honour, Power and Praise be to Him alone!!
    Your encouragement means more than I can possibly express at this time. I’m fighting from Minneapolis, MN with many others. I share your encouragement with His Weary Warriors often and we all thank you, and our Loving Father for gifting us through you for such a time as this.
    Blessings upon you and your beautiful lady :)

  11. Thank you Veronica!!
    I too am a prophet of no reputation, despised by men. All Glory to the One and Only God, the Almighty!!
    Your encouragement through this battle over thus great Nation is more appreciated than I can ever say!!

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