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  1. Hi Tim,

    I recently read your article “Get Ready” and watched your video that was on the Z3News website with regards to coming chaos and lawlessness in America. Excellent indeed. I feel sorry for pastors that are not warning their church members, they will have to give an account before the Lord. And the lost sheep that will be looking for answers in the days ahead.

    Anyway, if you got some spare time, i would encourage you to listen to this audio broadcast. The Prophecy Club recently did an excellent job in summarizing, interpreting Pastor Dana Coverstone’s recent dreams/visions. And they tie it in with various modern prophecies, the suitcase nukes that are in America today and the preparations one has to make. Listen to the whole broadcast. It is well worth your time.

    YouTube link:

    MP3 download link:


  2. Thank You Lord for your warnings- we Plead the Blood of Jesus and help us to Prepare as Holy Spirit Leads is. We pray Psalm 91 and pray God’s Light would penetrate this grotesque darkness as we Decree: LET THERE BE LIGHT!!!!

  3. This warning is mainly for America. But personally I believe general preparation, watchfulness, and great care will be needed by all nations in the days ahead, including Africa. For years God showed me many dreams in which a great Storm would come to the entire world. At first, the Storm started slowly, but then it engulfed everything in darkness (trouble/ tribulation). So even the events in America will likely have ripple effects (smaller effects but no less significant) everywhere else in the world.

  4. Is this word also applicable to any country in Africa? Kindly list ALL of the african countries in the event that this warning extends to them too.

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