America: God’s own Melting Pot…


Back in 2008 the Lord gave me a word about the Melting Pot.  America is like a huge MELTING POT, he said to me.  I have brought men from all over the World to this Land and I WILL BURN OFF THE DROSS and bring my Holy People out of all the World.  I am making up a People for My names sake and America is my MELTING POT.

He said to me remember the melting pot your father had to pour the liquid lead in the plumbing pipes of the old construction?  Yes, I said, I remember.  My father was a builder way back, and understood construction.  He understood how to put cast iron plumbing into a house, the old way.  In the old days plumbers used cast iron drain pipe that required they be connected by joints of packing with Oakum and then poured and sealed with liquid lead to hold in the packing, and seal the joint.  He had a BLOW TORCH with which he heated the Lead until it turned to liquid, and then I remember him saying to me, son, see that slag on top of the molten lead?  It is the IMPURITIES that were in the lead.  You must ladle it off and dispose of it, before the lead will do the job. (See Illustrated link to understand: Ladle & Melting Pot and Old Fashioned Joint).

The Lord explained to me that America is like the MELTING POT which melted the metal.  Going on, he explained: I PUT MEN UNDER THE TORCH AND HEAT THEM to remove the SLAG or the IMPURITIES.  America is like that…. A MELTING POT.

The Lord has brought all kinds of men to this Land.  America has been a land of separation, and God has blessed this land by bringing many men forth to live and move in his separation.  This land has been a place where many good men (found by God and Separated and cleansed) live and have served the Lord.


When I see a servant of the Lord like Rodney Howard Brown being called to go to Washington, DC and hold special services right down from the White House, and just blocks from the Capital Building, I SEE FIRE COMING.  He is fully known as one who carries…. HOLY SPIRIT “FIRE”.  He has been called to carry the Fire and touch men with the Fire.  Many people do not understand this work of the Holy Spirit, because they have NEVER FULLY EXPERIENCED THE POWER OF ALMIGHTY GOD themselves.  When the Holy Spirit does move in MIGHTY POWER and FILLS A PLACE, then you can expect there is going to be DEMONSTRATION AND SEPARATION.  The demonstration will be seen by the effect the Holy Spirit has upon sinful flesh.  The human body cannot contain the Fullness of God without cleansing.  The Flesh is earthly and contains sin that is impure.  This impurity WILL BE BURNED OUT.  This is why when the Holy Spirit FLOWS OVER MEN, we see the MANIFEST PRESENCE of this Holy God by the reaction of the flesh.

There is going to be a HOLY SPIRIT BURNING in Washington, DC. I see and know that the Lord is saying, MANY HAVE NEVER KNOWN THIS POWER….  NOW THEY WILL EXPERIENCE IT.

When I first heard that Rodney Howard Brown was going to Washington, I thought, GET READY WASHINGTON, TO BURN.  Like I said, many (religious men do not fully understand) because they have only had a touch of the Lord.  They do not fully know the impact of the FULLNESS OF GOD.

In order to understand the Holy Spirit one must experience him to his fullness.  For years and years I was only A RELIGIOUS PREACHER.  I was saved yes, but not full.  I HAD NEVER SEEN A MOVE OF GOD so how was I to know what it would be like to be in one?  There was only one meeting I did attend many years ago in Chattanooga, Tennessee, when I remember the Holy Spirit really beginning to work.  I was sitting in the service when the Holy Spirit began to move. It was like a mighty rushing wind came over the whole room.  I could not move. All I could do was cry and laugh at the same time.  For two hours this went on.  I cried and laughed, being filled with this wonderful joy, and I did not want it to ever stop.  Men and women ran down to the altar (if they could and many fell in the pews to the floor) to fall like firewood.  The loudest cry I had ever heard went up from them who fell, as they CRIED OUT IN REPENTANCE AND CONFESSION.  I saw many lay there and all I could do is sit and watch, crying and laughing with joy.

Once in a campmeeting in Idaho that I was director of, I invited a man of God from Tempe, Arizona to come and preach.  I wondered about this great man, I had only heard of him.  He left behind him a TRAIL OF GLORY EVENTS.  Many were saved in his services.  He had been used to start a large church there in Arizona that had grown to many people in a very short time.  When he arrived I put him in the room upstairs during the meeting.  I wondered when he only came out to eat and speak in the services.  He was always in his room.  I found out later why; it was because he was laying on the floor praying all day long and up into the night.  On one service in that meeting he got up to speak and the HOLY GHOST BROKE OUT.  I tell you, all of a sudden men began to weep and cry out.  Many ran to the altar to fall in the altar and repent.  I saw one man reach into his pant leg, down into his cowboy boot, and come out with a pack of cigarettes and he threw them on the altar, falling down weeping profusely.  I was SHAKEN BY THAT HOLY SPIRIT POWER.  The Shaking continued for about an hour, then it was over.  We all sat there and simply did not want to leave the place.  It has been long in my memory.

My ultimate experience happened in 1999 when I had my God Encounter in the Desert.  The Holy Spirit came upon me and knocked me down to the ground.  I could not breathe or speak.  I thought I was going to die.  It was like a VERY HEAVY WEIGHT CAME INTO THE ROOM where I was praying.  I though to myself, I am going to die now, he has come to kill me.  But now, I heard him crying and he spoke to me saying: Why have you done this to me KD, don’t you know I love you?  I gasped the breath He than gave me… It was then HOURS I COULD DO NOTHING BUT CRY AND WEEP IN JOY.  I saw myself as I had been, and was so very convicted.  My whole life flashed before me that night as I lay there in His arms.  I have NEVER BEEN THE SAME.

You may be saying, What are you talking about KD?  Many have never experienced a real MOVE OF GOD.  They are like the children of Israel that had been in bondage in Egypt for over 400 years.  They HAD ONLY HEARD ABOUT THE GOD OF JACOB AND JOSEPH.  They had only stories, and perhaps a rush in their spirit for a moment.  The believed but wondered why they were in bondage.  It is like Gideon, who was down grinding at night because Israel was shut up by the enemy.  He had heard about the God of Israel, but wondered where are the Miracles?  When he heard the Lord say to him: O MIGHTY MAN OF VALOR I WILL SEND YOU.. he was full of questions.  He said to the Lord, IF YOU ARE GOD, WHERE ARE THE MIRACLES.

Many people in America who profess to know the Lord, HAVE NEVER BEEN TOUCHED BY REAL HOLY SPIRIT AWAKENING AND REVIVAL.  They have only gone to warmed over meetings where many TALK ABOUT THE PAST.  For years they have read the Bible and the stories from the past.  Stories about the POWER OF GOD AND HIS GLORY.  But that is all they have ever even heard about.  They themselves wonder, why does it not happen now?  Is it any wonder that when one who has the manifest presence of the Power of God upon him shows up they do not understand?

Get ready America, because I hear the Lord saying, I WILL SHAKE THEM.  I know what He means when He says that.  I KNOW BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN SHAKEN.  I fully believe that is what God is fixing to do in Washington, DC in the CELEBRATE AMERICA GREAT AWAKENING MEETING.  It will not be RODNEY but the HOLY GHOST IN RODNEY.  And, the Lord will SHAKE THE PLACE.  I know that God will do it because I have heard him say he was going to do it.  Brother Rodney is NOT UNFAMILIAR WITH THIS SHAKING.  He knows about the FIRE OF GOD.  He is a carrier of that FIRE and has been for years.

AND….. HE IS NOT AFRAID OF THE FIRE. SO GET READY.  I do not put my trust in a man, but any man who is WILLING AND SURRENDERED TO THIS FIRE is a walking TIME BOMB.  It is TIME IN AMERICA for the REAL GOD TO SHOW UP.  Unless He does, America is in very serious trouble and may not stand as a nation.

I have heard the Lord say to me GO KD TO WASHINGTON.  He said he would help me go.  Well I want all to know THE FUNDS TO GO HAVE BEEN ARRIVING IN MY MAIL BOX EVER SINCE I HEARD THE LORD SAY THAT.  It is nothing short of a Miracle, because you must know I could not Go to Washington without the means.  BUT WE HAVE NOW PAID FOR A ROOM AND ARE PACKING TO LEAVE.  God is God.  He is more than able and he is doing it.  We still needing more funds to travel, but WE KNOW IT IS COMING.  God said it, I believe it.  NOW WE SEE IT.

If you are reading this, please pray for Rodney Howard Browne and the CELEBRATE AMERICA GREAT AWAKENING MEETINGS.  If you cannot go, send him a offering to help with the many needs I know he must have.  To be able to go to such a very expensive building and place.  We have been shocked at how much everything cost in Washington, DC.

ALSO, If you cannot go, then PRAY FOR THIS MEETING, AND GIVE AS YOU CAN TO THIS MINISTRY, for you have an opportunity to be a firsthand recipient of the fire.  Those who give will go with us and will see CHANGE AND SPIRITUAL AWAKENING IN THEIR OWN LIVES, AS WE PARTNER TOGETHER.

Celeste and I will go for you if the Lord touches you to give, we too, still have need of more funds. In this way you can be a real part in the meeting and see results of CHANGE AND SPIRITUAL AWAKENING in this Land of America and in yourself.


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey

Prophet Ken DeweyEvangelist/Prophet/Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder of “OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES” in Belen, New Mexico, USA. He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words, Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry. NOTICE: One of the ways you can get involved in this OUT OF THE DESERT ARMY is to become a PARTNER or to GIVE A DONATION. We are believing God for many more Monthly Partners to stand with us in Monthly Giving and Offerings. If you have a desire to help and give, please know we need your help. God is sending people as I write to this place. We need your help and prayerful giving to enable us to do more for more people. Please send you pledge to becoming a Monthly Partner or to sow an offering into this Ground. To make a donation to OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES please send to: PO BOX 223, BELEN, NEW MEXICO. PLEASE PRAY ABOUT SENDING A LOVE OFFERING TO SOMEONE WHO IS IN THE MIDST OF THE BATTLE FOR SOULS.. AND TO OPEN BLINDED EYES OF THOSE WHO ARE SLEEPING IN THE BODY OF CHRIST. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO DO ALL THAT GOD IS SAYING FOR US TO DO. THANK YOU ALL …


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  1. 2 Corinthians 4:7 (NKJV)
    Cast Down but Unconquered
    But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.

  2. Rodney came to our church in Jacksonville last year. I knew about his DC trip but this post reminded me I need to be praying for it.

  3. “When the Holy Spirit comes to sinful men, he initially brings sorrow. ..There is much more to spirituality than a lifting of the spirits, an entering into the exuberant life, and in extending one’s succession of thrilling experiences. Yet in many of the popular neo-Pentecostal societies you will look in vain for anything else. No one who has God’s Spirit can walk through our world without deep groanings of sorrow and distress. When the stench of immorality fills his nostrils, the Spirit-filled man cannot be happy, happy, all the day….If the Spirit were to come powerfully [today] it would not be to make men clap their hands for joy but to make them smite their breasts in sorrow….He is not the “Jolly Spirit” but the Holy Spirit.”