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America: SCOTUS Ruling on Election Voter ID — 5 Comments

  1. A lot of patriots, (red-white & blue Americans), will raise a shout of joy & praise, when this unlawful & twisted Soviet Style administration is thrown upon the ash heap of history. Thank you, Veronika!

  2. The Lord won’t let this word go for me Veronika. Every day he reveals more to me, one way or another.  Today, in fact, He revealed to me the age of Jesus when He ascended…33!! Although most are aware of this, I believe it’s extremely significant in aligning with this time and with this word.
    I believe that the “Latter Rains” is also a NOW time!!
    Blessings beautiful lady :)

  3. In reading through America Watch the part regarding Hamans gallows reminded me of something. Haman was hung on the gallows he intended for Mordecai. Recently the Democrats have used the FBI in several unprecedented raids on journalists and political opponents even going so far as to raid the home of President Trump. This precedent is intended to find a way to indict and imprison their (the Democrats) opponents. This is Hamans gallows. The very intent the Democrats had for their opponents will be the death by which the Democrat Party is destroyed. They have set the precedent, now prepare for the boomerang.

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