America: Seek The LORD For Direction!


Now I have been given permission by The LORD, to open my mouth.

People, and especially those of you who say you know The LORD, this is NOT the time for you to react in the flesh from anger or from fear.

The men and women of God have been sending warning after warning concerning the situations of death and destruction for years.  Some have prophesied the very things that are taken place, but they were attacked, mocked and boycotted for their words.

They warned us that death was coming and has been here for awhile.  Let me tell you that this is not about just a race, but it’s a plot to annihilate a group of young men whom they know will not surrender their will to a power that will try to control them.

This is about the End Times and eliminating those who will fight back against martial law and against governmental control.

They realize that young black men will not lie down and allow themselves to be put in bondage, because of the fight that their ancestors had concerning slavery.

They know that they won’t be caged down by societies control.

People, this is not a race war.  This is a distraction to get your minds in a uproar so that you can do foolish moves to guarantee them the right to take away your freedom to bear arms and be able to defend yourselves when the time comes to eliminate those whon they deem as unfit to remain in society.

The Spirit of The LORD said to me,  “Look beyond the surface at all time.”   That’s why He said, “Pray in the Spirit, see in the Spirit, hear in the Spirit.”

To hear the venom, the anger, the hate coming from the mouths of leadership is grieving me.  Are we no better than those whom we call killers, if we start killing their children.

Are we promoting murder and inciting the people to go on a killing spree?

Is this not what the enemy wants to have us to do, just blindly start reacting to these things?

Do we not understand the truth of the matter?

Is our hate for other races being revealed also our prejudice showing also in the face of unrighteousness?

Do you not know that the leaders in the bible, inquired of The LORD and fasted for instructions and directions before they went into battle?

They obtained strategies and counsel from The LORD for those who had wisdom and understanding, even concerning the times.

What is most alarming, is the fleshly carnal reactions I’m seeing the Christians are already fighting and dividing on this issue.  Some are saying if you are not angry, you are not with us.

Some are saying, get a gun.  Some are saying, you are not of God if you are not ready to fight.  Some are mad at those saying, if are you going to pray, you are just hiding.

Division has already started and is escalating.  There is never a cause without an effect and never an effect without a cause.  You looking in the natural church, but what is happening in the Spirit?

The things we are seeing don’t even scratch the surface of what’s truly going on.

This is a plot to turn the people against one another, to cause us to destroy ourselves from within.

If we start fighting each other, we will be playing into the plot that is taking place.  We need some level headed, not looking for recognition, mature and stable voices of wisdom, reason and warfare strategies, to come together now.

We are saying, let’s get together, but now we are fighting over who is going to be the big chief among the leaders.

Can we just get a council of men and women whose sole purpose is to keep more bloodshed from taking place, to come together and form an alliance to save souls and lives?

And yes, we do need the Prophets and Prayers.

We need to pray to hear God’s instructions, directions and permission, and we need the Prophets, because God said He doesn’t do anything until He reveals to them first.

If we going to come to together, we will need true and I specify, TRUE, apostles and prophets included.

You need lawyers and activists as well.  Lawyers for legal advice and activists who are trained and skilled in operating social and political causes.  You need intercessors and prayer warriors who are skilled in spiritual military arts of battle and warfare.

You need them to spiritual destroyed identify those spirits operating in the fight.  If you are going to come together first, you need to know who needs to in position, to help win the war against the forces of evil both naturally and spiritually.

Until the Church can get together, we can fight naturally all we want, yet can’t win if we don’t destroy spiritually, what is being done on earth.

Pray, Think, Strategize, then advance.

If your only plan is an eye for an eye, you not ready to fight these battles going on in the earth right now!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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