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  1. Amen Adams. I don’t believe you have missed anything!

    But still we can always pray for mercy.

    It is a most serious time my precious son in the Lord and brother Adams!

    So many are warning,Bro Ken Dewey and many others. Did you listen to Bro Kens video on this post in 2014.

    Yes definetely separation time!

    Now America you better choose right in the states! Judgement is on us in this country already. Let us weep netween the porch and the altar! God have mercy!!

    • Mama, I didn’t watch the video sent please. I agree with your words above that its a serious time but we can still cry for Mercy. I was very terrified of the violent shaking that suddenly fell on me yesterday when the Lord was speaking. I couldn’t stand it but came down on my knees with my Head bowed in tears.  Father, I join others in crying out “Jesus thou Son of David Have Mercy, Mercy, Mercy on our land America & the beloved people of America”. Forgive us all our sins & Turn our hearts back to you in reverence that you alone is our God. Mama Joyce, thank you & God uphold you.

      • Absolutely Adams it sure is a time to hit our knees, repent and quit playing games in America.

        The truth will stand! Many churches need quit hypocrizing and take a stand and quit worrying who the truth will offend.

        We had a powerful house meeting last night and after service I shared about Bro Ken Dewey and others warnings on HKP site about these days.

        Also that Bro Ken and Sis. Celeste would take a warning to the Capitol in 2014! Then I shared your vision around the kitchen table. It rang true to all I spoke to as a strong desire to pray and repent.

        When we see the uprisings now over the overturning of Roe v Wade it breaks my heart! Our only hope is Jesus Christ!

        Sugar coating doesnt help anything but now we must press in and on and not let up a inch! We must be the church and quit playing.

        My deepest respect for Angus and Jill on this site, and to so many who give out the love of the Lord.
        God bless you Adams! Keep preaching

        • Thank you Mama for the House meeting where you shared the warnings from prophet ken & others. The rage is satanic agenda to instill fear & intimidate us children of God. The Lord will have His way! Remember HE said so repeatedly yesterday. 
          Reflect on the anointing given by the Grace of God to many English people in the 16th-early 19th century & look at how we let go & today satan & his agents are making so much noise & messing everyone up. Can you see why I send responses sometimes that look like am arrogant or fighting the church /pastors? Am always angry with many Churches/pastors because they are not saying the truth or fighting to preserve biblical virtues which have made so many things deteriorated except God’s intervention. They are our problem!. 
          This is Nehemiah season or else the enemies will silent the church forever. Yes, Brother Angus & His wife Jill are bold Apostles of God. Likewise many Prophets & brethren on this platform. God Bless them all.  Let’s all rise up to pray like never before brethren. O’ our God send us spirit of boldness & help from above in Jesus name. Thanks Mama Joyce

  2. Please the short message from the Lord showing reply to Mama Joyce is also for prophet Ken & brethren here. I was shaking too much while typing & couldn’t put everything down as shown by the Lord. I also saw some corpses on the Street when the Lord continued to say ” I will have my way very loud & repeatedly”! This is very disturbing. I think This calls for urgent prayer please. As Mama Joyce would always say “test all spirit behind every prophetic words. So i urge everyone going through the short message from the Lord to test the spirit behind it. 
    Note: i am not an ordained pastor please. Am just an ordinary person but a child of God. I wasn’t praying but typing in response to Mama Joyce comments when I started shaking under the anointing in my room (here in Africa) & next, the message. Thank you all!

  3. Mama, you have spoken well. But i heard from the Lord while typing now “it’s separation time. I(God) want to see who is on the Lord side. I want to prove myself to them in America. I will have my way(repeatedly). Tell them I will have my way!!  Father, give us the Grace to commit our ways & plans unto you alone! 
    Thank you Jesus. Glory to God in the highest.

  4. Bro Ken I absolutely stand with you on this Word. Thank you for sharing!
    Father God is watching now our every move in each state. What will we choose?
    Yes I rejoice of the tremendous Victory but as I listened to McFiles last night, we must hold our ground!
    If individual states choose wrong, Woe be to us! I do belief the state’s that choose right will be showed mercy. The Lord is still raising a remnant which will not bow down. God bless you.

  5. I also continue to pray for our nation and churches to repent, before it’s to late. I believe America will be brought to it knees and God will bring about a lot of changes in the “sleeping sinful churches”. God bless!

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