America & The Evil Crew of 32 — 18 Comments

  1. I don’t believe its Reagan, I think its Carter…him and clinton were going to start their own church!  haven’t/didn’t hear anymore about it, but tells me they were not seeking the Lord…!

  2. For the first time I feel like a God loving American Patriot. President Trump is not how the Washington establishment thinks things should work, But it is working, they don’t like anyone who upsets their illegal insider trading and route to Millionaire status on the back of the American working class. Stay strong President Trump. Always on your side. The a lot of the American people are starting to wake up and see what the Democratic agenda is all about and what you have done for the United States of America. Im so sorry for how you and your whole family has been treated by these Democrats, Communists, Socialists. 6 More Years Please.  Rich Jackson

  3. I pray so hard that our Good President stay safe , I even write letters of encouragement, He has so much on his shoulders I pray daily for his safety of his family.. Please keep him safe.. He is strong and brave.
    thank You

  4. Reagan isn’t included as he is not alive, but Carter is and he served 4 years. Including Carter (4) with GH Bush (4), Clinton (8), GW Bush (8) & Obama (8), equals 32.

  5. Ok the five past presidents are Obama (8), G.W. Bush (8), Clinton (8), G.H. Bush (4) and Regan (8) but that adds up to 36 years ??? Or am I wrong?

  6. It is comforting to know that God sees more than I see and He can do something about it!  What I see is perplexing but all I can do is AGREE WITH GOD.

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