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America & The Evil Crew of 32 — 25 Comments

  1. When you say 5 ex presidents are you referring to the last 5? Or the last 5 presidents on the wrong side of god.  Because the last 5 before trump equal 36 years of service not 32.  Are you not counting Reagan? Swapping out Reagan with carter?

  2. I just did my game where I wrote alphabet. Then numbers 1-26 under each letter. A being 1. B is 2 and so on. Something told me to add up Obama. It equals 32!!!!it IS OBAMA! THE ANTICHRIST LEADER! Satan is a woman. A black woman named Shalonda. Or Shatan. God bless your ministry. Spread this message on your video of Obama! God bless, Amy Sue

  3. Yahweh Bless you Mark. Thank you for standing strong in your faith, and obeying the Ruach ELOHEIM in Yeshua’s name . AMEN!!

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