America: The Land of the Lost

From: Timothy Bryant, Kenya.


The following arose during a prayer session this week:

The USA, the United states of America, is a land that entitles itself “the home of the brave and the land of the free.”  Heaven’s description is that the USA is the “land of the lost”.  How so?

The Gibeonites and Joshua. Joshua 9:3-27.  The Gibeonites, in the face of the overwhelming military forces of the tribes of Israel, used deception to achieve a peace treaty with Israel.  Joshua and the princes of the congregation said [Joshua 9:19] “we have sworn unto them by the LORD GOD of Israel. Now we cannot touch them”.  The Gibeonites survived death which had been prescribed for them and lived to be bearers of wood and water for the congregation and the altar of the LORD  [Joshua 9:27].

Likewise, various presidents and congresses of the USA entered into treaties with the first nations of the land now described as the USA.  Similarly, these treaties were not entered into on equal terms but on terms of military surrender.

In 2 Samuel 21:1-10, we read of how King Saul, like the presidents of the USA, broke the treaty of peace made between Israel and the Gibeonites and slew the Gibeonites  [2 Samuel 21:2].  The consequences of the breaking of the treaty by Israel resulted in a famine for three years.  It did not rain for three years.

We are entitled to ask why King David took three years to discover that the famine was due to the treaty violation of the government of Israel.  David, the consummate worshipper, the man who paid full time musicians to worship God in his sanctuary, the man who slaughtered a bull for sacrifice every ten steps when bringing the ark of the covenant to the city of David, the man who was advised by Nathan the prophet, the poet who wrote many psalms.

When we compare David with past and present presidents of the USA, it does not bode well for the USA.  Israel was an agricultural economy and three years without rain must have meant that several farmers lost their livelihoods.  The economy must have been shattered.  In the USA, if the economy and the weather patterns get shattered in like manner to Israel in the time of David, how long would it take for the President to “enquire of the Lord” and seek to discover the cause of the economic troubles and erratic weather patterns?  More on that later.

When David finally realised what was causing the famine, he went straight away to the Gibeonites and sought their forgiveness and demanded of them what they wanted.  David, as king, knew that justice sometimes requires more than just words but also demands action.  David sought to know what kind of “atonement” he could do so that the Gibeonites might bless the inheritance of the LORD?  [2 Samuel 21:3]

Hear the Word of the LORD. The LORD has heard the cry of the first nations for justice.  He is giving the weather, nature and the elements into the hand of the first nations.  The elders of the first nations shall have power to rule the weather, nature and the elements and exact their vengeance for the USA breaking treaty with the first nations since the days of Jamestown in Virginia.  The list of treaty violations is long and the cries have reached the courts in heaven.  Action must take place and judgement has been passed.  The first nations were entitled to the land as a gift from the LORD and the land theft and the bloodshed took away their land.  The environmental degradation eliminated the very basis on which the first nations could continue their culture and lifestyle.

The LORD is a God of justice, and his throne is one of justice.  If He does not do justice, then his name will be maligned and his reputation soiled.  Justice has been done, the first nations have been given the power over nature, elements and other fundamental forces.  How they use the power will depend on their “tender bowels of mercies” because they also reside in the land with all the newcomers.

The LORD will only intervene when the USA and/or the individual state governments of the 50 states approach the elders of the first nations living within the USA or that specific state and seek to know what kind of atonement is required.

The Gibeonites did not want money, gold or silver.  They wanted and demanded blood.  [2 Samuel 21:4].  Their logic was that Saul had “consumed us, and that devised against us that we should be destroyed from remaining in any of the coasts of the Israel”.   Woe to the inhabitants of towns or regions where there were attempts to annihilate the first nations.  For, if they demand blood, blood they shall have. Justice is blind and knows no friend when it comes time to execute judgment.

Pray that the Presidents seek the face of the Lord to know the reason for the “famines” that shall arise.

False prognosticators shall arise and give one reason or the other as to why the famines are present in the USA.  We know they shall talk of weather patterns, weather cycles, global warming, GMO, etcetc.  It will take time for the realisation to arise that what has happened (after it has occurred) is actually of the LORD and not from any other source.

It will take even more time for the Presidents and State governments to agree that they are guilty as charged and to humble themselves and seek out the first nations for “atonement and to do justice”.

Pray that this time is shortened.

Pray for humility on the part of the leaders of the USA.  

Pray for the eldership of the First Nations, that they might have mercy as they release famines, weather aberrations, nature and other judgments on the land that they too love.

Pray that the USA will find a way back to the patterns of the forefathers, that they will respect and honour God with their actions and not just their lips.

Pray that pride and arrogance will fall to be replaced with humility and grace.  May the land of the lost be found by the LORD again.

Finally, after seven sons of Saul were hanging before the LORD, the heavens opened up and their bodies were drenched.  The famine was over [2 Samuel 21:10].

When forgiveness has been given by the first nations, then the USA systems will begin to function properly again.


From:  Timothy Bryant, Kenya.


I received this Word today and felt called to share it as widely as possible
~ Priscilla

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  1. 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV)
    If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

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