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America: The President, A Great Depression & A 9/11 Event — 2 Comments

  1. Where do these dreams come from? Who said that America is salvageable?? Find it in your Bible; No, there nothing There!! America is doomed since 1956. God declared her doom! Not the individual, but America is gone!!

  2. Hi Sister, thank you for your comment! Personally, I believe Jesus was speaking of actual swords because Jesus is referencing physical things when he mentions the swords i.e he says that up till that point they hadn’t lacked money bad, knapsack, sandals. And he says that they were to take their cloak and sell them for a sword. Good hermenuetic interpretation must mean that Jesus meant an actual sword, not a spiritual one, otherwise the passage doesn’t make sound interpretive sense. Also, it is the ‘disciples’ (i.e more than two of them) who say ‘here are two swords’, which means it can’t refer to two of them being swords because there were more than two of the disciples there at that point at the Last Supper, there were 12 of them (i.e why are only two of them swords when obviously all of them bar Judas should be ‘swords’ under your interpretation?). Also Peter took a physical sword to strike the ear of the high priest’s ear – John 18:10 ‘Then Simon Peter, who had a sword, drew it and struck the high priest’s servant,’ Again that clearly shows that at least one disciple had a sword, and it’s likely more did (i.e the ‘two’ swords they pointed out). Anyway, bless you. God will be our most important shield and refuge in the days ahead!

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