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America: The Spirit of Deception is Running Rampant — 3 Comments

  1. A powerful and true word.  God has told us in the last days there would be also prophets and teachers.  If we are to be discerning we must KNOW the Word and be continually renewing our mind in it.  It is better to seek Him first in your life and through His Truth than to believe all those in pulpits and other positions of leadership!  You must test the spirit and seek if what is being said is in alignment to the Word of God for yourself.  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal TRUTH to you.  Thank you for this NOW word sister!

  2. Very good word. My thought is, we must hear the Holy spirit for ourselves. Each of us must seek the Lord for ourselves. We cant be dependent on others to feed us, like the unwise virgins? But yes I completely agree, there is some bad stuff out there. Especially in the political realm. Thank you for this word.

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