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America: Touch Not My Anointed One! Danger! — 5 Comments

  1. We thank God for this confirming word! I am in Namibia , Africa!
    I have witnessed Trump putting on a robe and told he is recreated, he is a new person. I was told to tell him :,BE BLESSED! THE NEW YOU IS HERE!”. This was when he was in hospital. That was his instant metamorphosis for the duty ahead i was even assured he will walk out to go do his work.
    America i am drawing you to the year 1620 which i was taken back to after shown a flower said to only flower after every 400 years , 2020-400= 1620 the year descentant english arrived in america in search of religious freedom. THIS IS SUCH A TIME NOT ONLY FOR AMERICA BUT FOR ALL TRUE CHRISTIANS. What a joy to know we are a cloud of witness on earth as it is in heaven. God bless and cover America under thick Glory and let the wotld define You as The God of all earth, The God of Glory! In Jesus Christ Name, Amen!

  2. D Trump was careful not to take any glory into himself, when some one acknowledged him as being world famous,_ He recognized Jesus Christ as being “The Boss” and supremely world famous.
    Not himself. That was wise and prudent of him as he humbled himself.
    Let us pray earnestly for him and his wife, family to be strengthened in/by His Grace, Love and Presence. 2Corinthians 13:14

  3. Amen. All of creation hear ye the Word of God and be absolutely compliant…. “TOUCH NOT MY ANNOINTED DO MY SERVANTS NO HARM”.. Let the swift judgement and divine vengeance of God be unleashed on any violator. May world leaders appointed by God be preserved and let those appointed by Satan be over throne and another take their place immediately. Let every member of the Body of Christ and our families be insured by the blood of Jesus and this Word in this season. Death, violence and all evil shall not enter our homes. Only the blessings of God shall abound in our lives and homes. Amen. Thank you Jehovah our loving father, Jesus Christ our mercifulSaviour and Holy Spirit our sweet Comforter.

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