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America: Two Doors, Two Ways, Two Destinies! — 4 Comments

  1. The choice between Jesus the Prince of Peace and Barabbas, the terrorist/”freedom fighter” or counterfeit messiah, was between a man who tells us to pick up our cross and one who only says fight.  Although there may be a time to fight, a time may come when American Christians – and us all – will need to make sure that they are following the real Jesus and not “another Jesus”.

  2. If My people called by My Name will HUMBLE themselves and pray!!!
    Six years ago from now the Lord opened my ears to hear in the spirit, I heard the devil say “She needs to choose,” I then heard the Lord respond, “She will.” This continued for weeks before finally I screamed out “I CHOOSE JESUS!!” At that very moment I felt as though I was stripped naked before God. My whole body literally jolted forward by the impact!! Suddenly every voice I’d been listening to, thinking it was me, turned on me and began to mock and critisize. One even said “I want her daughter.” I screamed “No God!! Please help me!!” He then began to discipline me. I quit smoking, I quit drugs, I quit drinking, I threw my makeup, I gave away my wardrobe, I never slept because I was in constant prayer, fasting, and reading the Word. My family thought I was crazy….isn’t that ironic, when I was indulging in everything else it was cool, but this wasn’t. I’ve been homeless, sleeping on my ex’s couch. I had to quit my job and give back the company vehicle so…no car!! I’m harrrassed and persecuted day and night.
    It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. He saved my life!!
    The daughter the devil wanted is now in love with Jesus and is married to a man who likewise is in love with Jesus. God has given me two beautiful grandchildren. My ex and I are best friends (Now that alone is a miracle!!)
    You see, he wants our children!!!!
    When this started I about lost my mind, and one day while driving the voices and torment got so loud I cried out to God for help, everything went completely silent, and the Sprirt of God said “This is for the Nation Cheri. We need you to intercede.” So I did, and I have been ever since.
    The Nation of the United States of America are Gods People, and we have been called to HUMBLE ourselves and pray!!!

  3. How wonderful that the people made the right choice! Without the death of Jesus the Messiah the New Covenant could not have come into effect, for He is the testator of this better covenant. He is the One writing His Law on our hearts and changing our nature/character to be like Him – in His image. So glad that responsibility is no longer ours! And when the people cried out, ” His blood be upon us and our children,” – What a prayer! For it is His blood that’ll cleanse them from all sin. I guess they didn’t realise what they were asking for – but that is what they’ll get. How marvellous His plan for us all – not willing that any should perish.
    So, my prayer is that today also, the people will make the right choice. Now I wonder if He has a plan concerning that! Mmmmm.

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