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America: What’s Going Down? — 3 Comments

  1. This word marked with this much speculation and debate leaves little room for God to do His New thing.

    Just way too much past being drug into a New wine skin.

    This word along with the other one posted by Mr. HANSEN here as of late bears absolutely no whitness with me at all.

    Something is amiss. A seer can see way too much and over time when God moves a seer then by faith, his eyes can then deceive him. I believe this brother needs a real break and relief from being a judgement prophet and ministry for a season. We all need to rest at the appointed time so we can be made sharp again and be remade.

    • You couldnt be in more error dear brother.
      Mr.Hansen consistently Sincerely speaks out Gods message.
      It never appeals to Christians who desire to have their ears tickled.
      God bless you.

  2. As was said during the start of the US entry into WWII, “a sleeping giant has awakened” mainly Christians who want to take back their nation even though it means time on their knees, fasting and much, much prayer.

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