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  1. Saints, we all must be in alert. Yesterday and today, I have free days after last weekend`s shift work. I took some time and watched who are the faces / bodies behind facebook names. I was shocked what I found: Much make up, much hairdressing, some “ministers” look like models, and many selfies in big amounts. It seems like a girlie-game: Who is the prettiest, who has the nicest dresses, wigs, cars, homes or family. I pray that all who read this, will NOT blame the messenger for these words. The ones who speak or write truth and warnings, are often getting attacked as betrayers. God is not against beauty. But what I saw, was too much self-performance, too much help by industry to point to people`s eyes, lips, hairs and bodies. Some may call me a spoilsport. Bible tells enough about this all. It would be a shocking, but healing day, when all together would wash their faces before speaking into cameras, and even more shocking, if they`d put on a headscarf while “preaching”. Holy Bible has many Scriptures inside how women should appear and how not. THE LORD sent me this new day to write these words.
    Sister Robin – your article is not attacked by me. I hope His Spirit will show you my motives. Women of God – stop this race for your “best” outcome. Think about the older women, think about those who have not the income for high heels, satin or silk dresses, or they just have the wisdom from GOD, going to church because of GOD. I know, going to church does not mean, going in dirty clothes. Celebration Days and fine dresses are for feasts. But all this “look at me how beautiful and well-situated I am” in a church where are also many poor (being poor is no shame or sin in GOD`s opinion!) so it is downgrading others. Do not make them going out of GOD`s house because of you ! And when it is YOUR house, and you think you can do this all do not lament when they leave YOU. You may feel naked and vulnerable without all the CARNE-val stuff. But GOD will reward you for being real. HE has given me boldness to send this out now. Please, do not feel offended. It is not about the dresses. It`s about the modelling, that pleases not our GOD.

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