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  1. Yes, I agree, that we are in for an awakening! It is God’s doing.

    I’d like to mention that Kevin Zadai who went to Heaven in 1992, I believe, has been very effective in awakening the Church through what he teaches and reveals. He points to the Bible and to Jesus.

    I hope that I am saying this correctly. I take it from what I heard Kevin Zadai speaking on is that God the Father is wanting to habitate with us and that His Glory will fill the earth. I believe that we are starting to see the beginning of it.

    I hope not to have misquoted him. He and his wife Kathi are very effective on the earth through their ministry to the Body of Christ. Something which I heard tonight is not to live from Romans 7 but from Romans 8. Let’s face it, the Church for the most part has still been in the dark ages and it’s time to wake up.

    Yes, happy for the awakening and habitation which is beginning to take place. May the Glory of the LORD fill the whole earth.

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