An Urge From The Spirit


How sensitive are we going to be?  It’s been mentioned before, but there are some things we surely need to know if we are going to genuinely follow what the Holy Ghost wants to do.

He has the right to change His mind at any moment.  And that can happen quickly.  It may be desirable, even mandatory that we have that ear to listen; the ear that Jesus spoke about in the Gospels and in the Revelation.  We cannot hear without it.

A few years back when I was first allowed to write here [Facebook], I was very hesitant in this comment.  Many, will not have that ear to listen to what the Spirit is saying to the Church.

Christ knew that.  Before we would never have suggested that there were people in the church who did not want to hear what the Spirit was saying.

An old slogan we have often used says hindsight is better than foresight.  Looking back at some of our experiences, we can clearly see it was true.

There is urgency all around us.  There is a work that must be done before this shaking gets even worse.  And that is not so much a prophecy as it is a declaration.

The prophecy of this hour was already foretold by Jesus, long before He ascended into that cloud.  We don’t like it much, but it was also foretold in the Old Testament.

I’d like to say this with all of the humility I can.  We are behind.  We should have learned and known much more about the Holy Ghost.

Would it be too harsh to say that the two generations of those who are behind many of us, likely don’t know something?

Is it possible, that they don’t even know that sacred phrase, “the unction of the Spirit.”  If that’s too strong, I ask forgiveness for that.  Does anyone realize what it has cost us to shut down the gifts of the Spirit?   Or to deny anointed and chosen vessels to operate fully in their God called ministries?  Can we even explain why we followed after that?

Something came back to re-visit my spirit.  We’ve been saying and it’s true, that the Holy Ghost is the Teacher.  And it is still He who will lead us and guide us into all truth.

One reason that’s true, is because He is the Truth.  But now it comes. The Holy Ghost can also teach through men and women; those who have been gifted and called into that anointed purpose.

We need to back up and we must acknowledge more that this is one of the five-fold ministries.  It’s a fact that many of us refused not to be taught by the Teacher.

Things are being prophesied all over this social network.  Forget all the fakes and the self-appointed title givers.  The Spirit is speaking right here; and He’s speaking to many people.

There is a common thread that runs throughout so many of these pages.  And it is being declared more and more.  That’s odd to some of us.  Ask yourself, just how many people are here; just on this one site?

The God who created the atom and the megabyte wants to reach souls.  He also wants to strengthen those of us who can’t get it anywhere else.

Today’s events here and around the world, convey that much is about to turn upside down.

We’ve got to be ready; ready in the Spirit.  It’s my understanding that soon, many will begin to search for those who have the real answers.

Somebody has got to know how to get through this; how to endure.  There’s only one Power that can do that.  The Spirit is going to use those who have continued to search for Him; those who have fully decided to follow His lead, no matter what.

The Unction will urge you.  You know how to respond.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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