An Urgent Prophetic Word for the Emerald Isle of Ireland — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for bringing the pieces together. Why I need to get to Ireland ASAP!! I have been having this pull for last couple of years. I the Queen is actually a witch who wants the key. All my dreams make sense now. Thanks again for following the leading of the Lord to post this. Bless you.

  2. Ok let the brexit deal be scrapped as it keeps Northern Ireland within EU tarrifs. I pray that the four British isles will unite to leave the EU as one.

    The general election has been called. Almighty God remember your promise to UK as a front runner of the nations of the world, and intervene. Let your Governing hand take control of the brexit process to bring to pass that which you will. Yes the whole of UK will be delivered from slavery. We believe you will do it for your glory.

    • Shalom Brother,
      Brexit is God’s will.
      The UK Brexit – Britain’s exit from Europe – must come to pass such that the land and His People are set free.
      Blessings to thee and thine.

  3. Lord, let the nation be stirred up to NOT partake in unholy, ungodly, rituals.
    Help the generations arise and be fed manna from heaven.  Help the old and the new be warned “back away from the evil plans: take no part in them, for the plans are for your own collapse as well, the evil shows no mercy, and does not overlook you, but set its fangs in deep—the fangs already are deeply set—discern this—and spews poison at its leisure.”
    Father, enclose the enemy camp with Warring angels, and protect Yours from being Spitefully and Despitefully used.  In Christ the Risen Savior, amen

  4. I was praying for Ameria. God spoke through a man of God and said, ‘As you pray for America I want you to pray for the United States of America as I Am bringing Unity that has never been seen before. The enemy has brought in division But I Will Bring Unity.
    I was praying for Northern Ireland and God spoke so clearly ‘Pray for the United Kingdom. Not just Northen Ireland.’ That has been so strong on my heart for some time. Thank You Father what You are doing with this Nation. You are on the Throne and You are in Control.

  5. Ireland full of same sex marriage and drunk people, just like the UK is. Godless and rampant debauchery. Boris Johnson the serial liar. John 8:44. So is Jacob Rees Mogg and the false Pretti Patel. All found publicly in to sin and dictate what must come ??? Does anyone care about the several times divorced, don’t know how many children he has and living with another woman that is not his wife inside No 11 ? Full of sin ! Full of lies ! Full of false motivations. Double minded man that says one thing years ago and says another thing to see himself in the news and on TV.  Glorying into Arch of Palmyra what was a temple for Satan. Manipulating, with the spirit of Jezebel, lead away by lies made up about running away deliberately from what is coming by tax evasion to other countries which the EU wants to stop.The trillions that the rich want to hide are at stake, hence the pushing of this deadline 31 of October because the EU is on to them with their foreign investment houses, Cayman and Virgin islands billions of what they don’t pay tax over. This nation needs to be destroyed and then begging to God for mercy of their arrogance and do not care about God or His commandments. Certainly does not listen to Jesus of what He said when He lived and it was written. The sin of this country has risen to the nostrils of God and He will punish them for it when leaving. Billions are at stake. Trillions in debt of liabilities for the poor. When the Lord says in Deuteronomy 28, you shall be the head and not the tail, you shall lend not borrow. What is coming is huge borrowing. Borrowing that needs to be paid back from the tax payer. Horrible accountants and bookkeepers they are. Half of the world debt is in the hands of the US and the UK and they want a pact ? What a disgrace !

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