And the LORD Answered Him Not….


Neither by dreams, nor by Urim, nor by prophets.  There came a time, when a man who was once mighty, rose up to perform the power that had been given to him.

He was once a saviour of the people; one who had always put the enemy to flight.  But somehow, somewhere along the way, something robbed him of his strength.  The power he once had, was not his anymore.

This is not a message about prophets; although perhaps it may be.  At this point, I will cross a line that goes back into the ministries of the past; a depth and maturity that is not often seen now.

All I wish to say about this, is that there was this one particular prophet among us, who was recognized by all.  More than once, He stood before the people and spoke what the Spirit had to say to the Church.  He warned us about what would come if we failed to go on into full apostolic renewal.

You see, when you stop the true flow of all of the ministries that God set in the Church, you stop the full flow of the Spirit also.  Much of what we are seeing in the Church world today, was foreseen and foretold, through oracles such as this one was.

We have learned over a long period of time, that there are those who wish and listen to hear, and those who do not want to hear.  Many of us are witnesses to the fact, that the Holy Ghost can speak mightily to the Church.  He used those who were called and appointed; anyone who yielded to Him.

I will always remember the words of a renown lady of that time, a great teacher among us.  She stated, that the Holy Ghost is easily offended.  If He chooses to settle upon the people in a mighty fashion, and He is not given full attention, He will move on.

It’s likely not necessary to note that such vessels as her, were known for fasting, praying and deep study of the Word.  They were not novices; those called for such a time and for such a purpose.  Men and women alike.

Power hungry people, do not possess true power; at least not in the Spirit.  Whatever they have, can only be a substitute for the real thing.

When one of true heart observes the condition of the Church today, they can only weep; just as Jeremiah wept over God’s people and what was happening in His temple of that day.  The Holy Spirit is indeed offended by any attempt at self; whether it be for its own promotion or desire for power and control.  When there is no true fear of the LORD.

It disturbs me.  Like it or not, when you begin to go back and read the first four Gospels, something stands out in stark detail.  There is no need to back up from this.

Children were possessed of unclean spirits then.  Not only did Jesus go about casting out devils, He taught his disciples to do it also and they went about the land doing just that.  Before He left here, He spoke of signs of the true believer. “In My name, shall they cast out devils.”  Why did He emphasize this then?

Is it possible, that after being used by God, we might rise up one day to demonstrate power as before, and it’s gone.

Too many are not hearing; they are not listening and they are not watching as Christ said we were to do.  Spirits of darkness, are so prevalent now; they permeate the very atmosphere.

Many are entertaining these dark ones, unawares.  Watchmen are asleep, or prohibited from calling out danger.  As it was stated in His Word, many will be overcome; it will be one of the saddest of all times.

“When will My people, “seek My face?””


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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