And The LORD Heard It!


There seems to be a missing link, in much of what we hear today.  We’ve always been quick to decide, who had the Spirit, and who did not.

One might ask, what gauge did we use?

Just what was it that caused so many to distance them and theirs, from others who also said they had received the Holy Ghost?

How could it have been, that God would fill so many with His Spirit, yet, their differences in doctrine and baptism, separated them all?

We judged.  There’s no need saying that we didn’t.  There surely are scriptures, that say we are to judge situations and even people.

It is likely the way so many of us went about it, that caused such a big gulf between us all.

This post is not about judging.  I believe that we have argued enough over that subject; even for decades.  There seems to be little doubt, that if we had discerned people and things in the Spirit, our witness would have portrayed, a much different kind of fruit.  And how could we determine, who had the Holy Ghost?

Just what is it, that seems to be missing so much today?  We all knew about the fruit of the Spirit.  What some of us did not get, was the reality of a true Spirit-filled person.

The determination should have been made by:  “What kind of fruit did they produce?”

I thought this post was going to be about “discerning the anointing.”  It might save a lot of effort, if we simply watched how certain people act.

One of the most powerful men ever, did many miracles, signs and wonders, through the power of God.  God spoke directly to him.  He was the meekest man on the entire Earth.  He dealt with some very difficult people.  No matter in what miraculous manner they had been delivered, they could yet complain.

Even his own kindred rebelled against him.  But when they did, they also rebelled against God.  And God heard it.

Just like today, He hears everything we are saying.  His Spirit, knows what is in every persons heart also; no matter whether it is spoken out loud or not.

The brother and sister, felt God had spoken to them too; He heard them murmuring also.

The anointing, which is the Holy Ghost, “teacheth you all things, and is truth, and is no lie,”  1 John 2:27.

A question must be asked, concerning all of these people who are proclaiming that they speak for God. Just how “meek” are they?

It seems, that when humans get away with something for a long time, they become more and more bold in what they declare and what they promise.  If we have indeed been born of the Spirit, we know within moments, when something has a false ring to it.  Just what is it, that causes our hearing to be dull.

God heard things; and He acted.  He knows what everybody is preaching; and what they’re not preaching.

Because of Grace, He has withheld judgment, even in the house of the LORD.  Many have squelched the prophets of the New Testament.  And much of it is about, not wanting the correction that was intended for the entire Body.

With the fact that we are humans, in fleshly robes, it’s no longer hidden.  The Church was to go on toward perfection.  It meant that we were not there yet; we would make mistakes, that had to be corrected.

Lost sheep cry out in despair.  The hurt and moaning caused by all of the stones, was heard.  He’s also heard, all of the terrible words we’ve felt justified in using these past days.

We made promises to God; that we would give our all to Him, and keep giving it.  “I’ll go where you want me to go, dear LORD,” was a song that we were meant to keep singing.

He is listening to every voice on here, in between high walls, behind closed doors and in the spans of the desert.  If we will only cry out to Him, contritely, He will hear us now.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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