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Are You Following After Conspiracies or After God? (Revised) — 11 Comments

  1. Dear Almighty God, when will you punish those who committed treason upon my beloved America? Lord they do know what they have done. There is no honor or integrity in stealing an election from the majority who voted for President Trump. When my Lord will you deliver your people from the corrupt thieves who defy your commandments? When Lord will they answer for their evil free will choices? When my Lord will you answer?
    All my Love, Melissa

    • Melissa,
      Nothing was stolen from Trump. This has been proved time after time. Those who continue to foster this type of thing need to get before the Lord and repent. This is yet one of the major conspiracies that continues to divide this land and people.

  2. The Church has buried its head in the sand for too long. We are supposed to occupy, not sit around waiting to be raptured. With God’s help, we will be part of the billion soul harvest and the reformation of America and the world to “on earth as it is in heaven”! And so far, the conspiracies have all proven to be true. Let’s get ready for greatness!

  3. Excellent message brother Stephen!
    If the Body of Christ would stop overdosing on the world’s propaganda and spend that time studying God’s Word and seeking the will of the Father, the Church would be the salt and light it suppose to be.

    • Thank you CeeCee. It seems though that even now, some here would justify claims of theories rather than following after what we truly know as truth. Of course there are some things that hidden agendas with governments and the like, but many of the claims that many believers seem to follow after, are just that, theories, and truly distorted ones at best.

  4. it remains a fact that through Operation Paperclip President Truman brought in the Top Nazi Scientist into the USA and there is also well documented articles stating that President Bush Senior was not a BORN US Citizen but a German Citizen, these are facts.

    • Yes,It can be the reason why the jews were not welcome to USA and other countries even though they knew what had happen. The advanced technology developed by the nazis (as well as “medicines” trhough IG Farben- Auswitch) was the main reason to the “cold war” because everyone was interested in these things.

      The Lord showed me that these things developed in Germany are the same as the cursed thing spoken of in Joshua, they took and used what God had cursed and now (we) eat the fruit of that evil root. This is the same as the spirit of Haman (the spirit of sickness and depopulation) that arises again and again because that the human continually uses evil things and/or the people that have developed.

      “they have even taken of the accursed thing, and have also stolen, and dissembled also, and they have put it even among their own stuff. 12Therefore the children of Israel could not stand before their enemies, but turned their backs before their enemies, because they were accursed: neither will I be with you any more, except ye destroy the accursed from among you.Josh.7:10-13

      The following verses describes how this sinful behaviour will continue throughout all generations until it is found in the last generation (God measures everything in times), and as a “coincident” the names Achan+Carmi is very close to the word “Amrican”.

    • Well, here again, my intent was for you and others, to consider what I’ve written, and what the Lord would have us to focus on. I won’t even answer or debate this claim.

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