Are YOU Hearing the Voice of the LORD?


There has come a greater recognition that we are behind.  Our performance and understanding of the genuine Holy Ghost and how He moves, has lagged.

It is my belief that God is giving the Church another chance to be what He intended it to be.

It’s too late for debate or even disagreement; far past time to spar with one another.  Simply spoken, we are not where we should be.

Perhaps there is nothing more important for the body of Christ in this hour, than to hear what the Spirit is now saying to the church?

I will ask myself this question.

  • How deep am I in the knowledge and ways of God?
  • Just how much of the Holy Ghost am I embracing today?
  • How informed am I in the ways He moves?
  • How far have I come, and have I settled for far less than what I once wanted?
  • How deep have I grown in Him?

Reading recently in the books of Samuel and the Kings, once more again, I am in awe of the things anointed people could do through the Spirit of God.  Studying it again, I am facing the real truth, that they did more than most of us have ever done.

The incredible signs, wonders and miracles, far surpass my depth or capability.  In my heart, I see them doing things that I once wished I could do in the Spirit;  I thought we all could.

Jesus said, “greater things than this shall ye do.”   I’m afraid, that most of us never really understood just what He was talking about.  After all, who could do more than He did?

One cannot deny that most of the church as we know it today, is not able to perform and demonstrate what the Apostles did.  It hurts some of us; it really does.

We haven’t gone on to perfection.  We have not reached the fullness of Christ.  It’s time to ask why; and if we even want to reach that today.

God spoke directly to those people.  Listen,

  • Now the Lord had told Samuel “in his ear” a day before Saul came.
  • And the Lord “said unto Samuel.”  And Samuel did that “which the Lord spake to him.”
  • Then David inquired of the Lord . . .
  • and “the Lord said unto David.”

That list goes on and on.  God actually talked and spoke directly to so many of them at that time.  So many of us say we have the Holy Ghost; but, if we say that the LORD spoke to us thus and so, people raise their eyes.

We should not even entertain the idea that we have the Holy Spirit of God, and He cannot speak directly to us and our spirit.  And yes, even audibly.

Could it be that we are less capable in the power of God than the Old ones were?

Do we dare think they we have a lesser experience than they did?

Did God not set gifts in the church to allow us to do the same depth in the Spirit; have the same power, and even more so?

We should be able to discern things in the Spirit, more than we ever did before.  Look around us; what’s happening in the world, and even what’s happening in the church today as we know it.

Spirits of darkness are flaunting themselves and possessing and oppressing men and women on every corner.

Did God intend for the dark enemies to take over the entire world, and the church lacking power in the middle of it?  Never.

If the Church does not stand up in true authority; what then?


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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Are YOU Hearing the Voice of the LORD? — 1 Comment

  1. I believe every word you are saying for I once experienced and was used as the Holy Spirit led me. I am now in an other Church, when I first went to this Church it was very dry but God gave me a word to share and many Repented, God has given us favor and is anointing many. Pray for me that God will Restore and use me again. I believe there is more for us to do for the Kingdom as we are lead by His Spirit.
    God’s word has been growing a desire in me to keep moving and growing in Him. Praise God for you.

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