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Are You Under a Curse? Here’s How to Break It! — 8 Comments

    • A generational curse is one passed down from generation to generation.  Generational Alcoholism is one such example.

  1. The power of the Holy Spirot of God lived inside me- there is NO way a curse or darkness of any kind would be remotely close to me- as darkness and light can’t occupy the same space- least the dark become light.?

  2. Amen! Thank you, for sharing beloved and dear Sister in Christ! Many do not know that they are cursed and take it lightly, I used to be one, then the Lord God began to show me through dreams of what being sent to me in life. Some believers in Christ just take it as trials and tribulations, but sometimes it is much more and this is why as God d fearing believers in Jesus Christ, we have to pray in the Spirit, putting on the full Armor of God, accessing the knowledge of the Lord, exercising the spiritual weapons in which He has given us. God bless and I thank you.

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