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Arise Knights of The Royal Household! — 4 Comments

  1. Oh boy! (Weeping and submitting) As I read this word, a surge of his power in confirmation flowed through my body too. Even the most unlikely among us…

  2. Praise God.

    In addition, the number 12, according to the Hebrew Aleph Bet, is made up of two letters. “YOD” has the value of 10. It’s ancient symbol represents an arm or hand. “BET” is the second letter of the aleph bet, and its numerical value is 2. “BET” according to Jewish scholars represents “SON” and also Messiah, The Son of God, see Hebrew word BEN meaning “son”. (ALEPH, the first letter represents The Father).

    Combining YOD and BET you have the arm or hand of the son. CF Is 53:1. Christ, The Son of God, 1Jn 5:20; The Power and Wisdom of God, 1Cor1:24; Pr 8:22-36, and The Logos of God, Jn 1:1; The Sender of The Holy Spirit, JN 14:26; Jn 15:26; Jn 16:7.

    Jesus is Hand picking His Warrior Bride and anointing and “knighting” Her for The Great Work ahead, under His Awesome Banner of Love and empowered by Faith energized through AGAPE. SOS 6:4,10; SOS 2:4; Jn 14:15; Gal 5:6.

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