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  1. Amen. ..Last night I was this warrior and I told the enemy who am I.  I Am born of God.  I am a child of God. I am who My Father says I am.  As for me and my children we seated high above in heavenly realms with Christ Jesus. His blood runs through our veins.  We are children ofthe KING. Our Father owns cattle on a thousand Hills. Creator of heaven and earth.  The who reigns FOREVER.  If God is for us, then who can be against us? No one.  I take and clothe myself with a FULL amour of God like a mighty Warrior! ! A thousand may fall at my side and 10 thousand at my right hand. ..it shall not come near my dwelling, but with mine eyes I shall see the reward of the wicket.  As for me and my household and every in my mother’s house, my father’s house. ..we are the touch not of the Lord.  We trample under foot scorpions and serpent. ..we crush in Jesus name.
    Let it be known of who we are in the Lord.  Let the Lion of Judah in us awaken and ROAR. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit oh Lord! !@Amen and Amen

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