Army of God Speech — 6 Comments

  1. There is a spiritual war happening.. as God is all things Good and other. It is choice that allows us to choose which path, God’s incarnation to roam. Infinite non judgmental love is all there is! Peace. Love always wins! Because that’s all there is! Peace be to you!

  2. Praise our FATHER in Heaven, JESUS CHRIST, and HOLY SPIRIT, for HIS army of God speech given to Mark Taylor for all of us who are on fire for HIM and the furtherance of His KINGDOM! We get it!!! And we absolutely are on fire for HIS gospel truth to the nations NOW!!!!

    It seems obvious that we who belong to Our Triune God have our mission in our chosen designated service to Him to whom we have chosen to belong having fully accepted the Grace, the Unmerited Favor so graciously afforded us by the terrible but mandatory Blood Sacrifice made for each of us who repents and fully and totally accepts the One who made that total sacrifice by His Sacrificial Death, that by our Savior, Our Redeemer, Our Lord, Jesus Chris, Our Heavenly Father’s Only Son, and that regardless of our ability and limited circumstance to be totally and completely led by the Holy Spirit, and in the course of which we may well find that our efforts will not be welcomed ‘with open arms;, our efforts through apparently pitiful and clumsy will result in our being hurt and suffer the loss of those that have meant a great deal to us over the years.
    Regardless, whatever the price we pay it is trivial and infinitely so in comparison to the price paid for our Redemption; that the Sacrifice of Our Lord & Savior & Redeemer, Jesus Christ.
    We are after all, truly Our Jehovah God’s BOOTS ON THE GROUND and we who are tasked with functioning as such must, as in physical combat, expect to sustained losses just as a member of the military will encounter in combat and likewise we too must expect losses as we are most certainly involved in a most intense and dangerous war that has been ongoing between Our Creator and the rebellious adversary of Our Triune God, Lucifer, since essentially the beginning of time.

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