As YOU Look to ME!


This morning I had an exhilarating time of worship and I just had to share what I heard heaven whisper;

My glory is going before you!

My love is lifting you!

My mercy is moving you!

My peace is preserving you!

My righteousness is restoring you!

My power is propelling you!

My presence is protecting you!

My hand has hidden you!

My light is liberating you!

My favour is forging a new path ahead of you!

My kindness rekindles your heart.

My word is working on your behalf!

My joy is regenerating you!

My spirit is giving you strategy and solutions!

My eyes are ever upon you!

My wisdom is waking you to purpose!

My gifts grow you!

My revelation is rebuilding and refreshing you!

My strength is stabilising you!

My faithfulness fights for you!

My influence is increasing you!

My unction gives you function!

My understanding is unlimited!

My angels are accompanying and assisting you!

My blood has put a bold boundary line around your life!

My spirit wind is shifting and shaping you!

My sovereignty has selected you!

My authority has given you access!

My anointing activates your faith!

My truth transforms you!

My compassion changes you!

My forgiveness frees you!

My victory has vindicated you!

My name brings forth new life!

My hope lifts heavy burdens and heals you!

My majesty births miracles!

My redemption has renewed your life!

My grace has given you an eternal inheritance!

My heart is for you!

My peace I give unto you!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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As YOU Look to ME! — 1 Comment

  1. Sister, I printed this out and placed it to my entrance door !
    Marvellous !